He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


4. Chapter 4

"What?!" Veronica shouted spitting out a little coffee. "Nothing." Michael said nervously messing with his hair. There was a moment of awkward silence "Hi. I'm Veronica." She said smiling holding her hand out. Michael smiled "Hello Veronica, I'm Michael." He said shaking her hand. "I'm not sure if i just felt butterflies or if I'm going to burp." Veronica said looking at Michael. "You're such a loser!" Michael said laughing loudly still holding onto her hand "Its cute though." He added Veronica was bright pink covering her face with her hand and holding her coffee in the other one. "I'm an idiot." Veronica said chuckling "Do you want to sit down?" Michael asked "Umm sure why not." Veronica said letting go of Michael's hand. "What happen to your friends they were with you when i first saw you." "They were with me until i got to the door." Veronica said looking out the window. "Ohh well their loss i guess." "I know right! They don't get to be sitting her with you." Veronica smiled "So you know who i am?" Michael said with a smirk "How could i not." Veronica said as she took a sip of her coffee. "What's your favorite 5sos song?" Michael said starring her dead in the eye "That's a tough one. I would have to say its either Lost Boy or Heart Break Girl." Veronica said swirling her straw around "Good choices." Michael said nodding his head. "Not to be rude but its kinda boring here. Why don't we get outta here?" Veronica said placing her hand on his. "What did you have in mind?" Michael said biting his lip. "THE ARCADE!!! YOU PERV!!!" Veronica yelled nudging him on the shoulder. Michael turned pink and smirked "I knew that." He said getting up out of his chair "Sure you did." Veronica said winking at him. "Where is the nearest arcade?" He asked "Its a couple of blocks away. Not to much walking." Veronica replied "That's good." Michael said taking Veronica's hand into his as they walked. "Are you ready to get your ass kicked by a girl in air hockey?" Veronica said playfully "You wish you could beat me!" Michael said pulling her closer.

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