He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


2. Chapter 2

As they ran down the street following this random guy who kinda looked like Michael from a distance Veronica froze "It is him." She whispered loud enough for Denise & Eliza to hear. "Then lets got talk to him!" Denise said grabbing Veronica's arm "Yeah!" Eliza yelled making Michael look over his shoulder Veronica smiled & looked at the ground when she looked up she made eye contact with him .Michael smirked and kept walking. "What just happen! Did what i think just happen, happen? You guys just had a moment!" Denise exclaimed in pure excitement  "It was nothing." Veronica said blushing slightly. "Let's follow him." Eliza said jumping up and down "As creepy as that sounds we are going to follow him." Denise said pulling Veronica "But...Umm... Fine." Veronica said with a faint smile. They made sure to stay pretty far away so they wouldn't have to awkwardly stand at a stop light with him. Michael glanced over his shoulder a couple more times and smiled each time even if Veronica was looking at him or not. Veronica looked up and caught Michael starring at her she smiled as he nervously played with his hair. "Don't you think so?" Eliza asked Veronica who was obviously distracted "Umm... Yeah." she said nodding her head. After a while of walking Michael went into Starbucks "What do we do now?" Eliza said "If we go in its pretty obvious." Denise said "I"ll be back." Veronica said walking into Starbucks "Woman has balls." Denise said laughing "I say she gets to the door and turns back." Eliza said crossing her arm laughing. "That's cold!" Denise said laughing.

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