He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


11. Chapter 11

"Denise I need to shower." Veronica said knocking on the door. "CHILL WOMAN!!!!!" Denise shouted "I'm almost out." she added "Alright lady." About 5 minutes later she came out "Can you comb my hair?" Denise asked with a towel wrapped around her "Of course sweetie." Veronica replied grabbing the detangling spray. They sat on Denise's bed and Veronica brushed Denise's long brown hair. "Has Eliza messaged you at all?" Denise asked "Yeah she keeps saying she wants to fix things between us, but she didn't want to be my friend over something stupid, sooo why would i want to fix things with her." "Veronica don't reply to her." "I don't, but why don't you want me to talk to her." "She's been messaging me saying she doesn't give a fuck about you, and that she only wants to be friends with me not you."(Something like this actually happened irl) "I fucking knew she was fake." Veronica said pissed off " Her loss I'm fucking amazing." Veronica said laughing still combing through Denise's hair."Duuuude, you are though." Denise said laughing *Hey are you ready?* "Shit I think Mikey is heading over here." Veronica said feeling nervous.*Almost wbu?* *Ash just got in the shower nd im doing my hair* *ohh thank god im no where near ready lol* *lol me either xD* *I'm going to shower so sorry if I lag* *Its cool babe* *babe?* *What too soon?* *lolol no just caught me off guard babe* Veronica noticed Denise reading over her shoulder "Dude wat da fuck" Veronica said leaning away from Denise "Cute cute, das cute." Denise said laughing "Imma shower now." veronica said walking into the bathroom. Veronica was singing Voodoo Doll in the shower and Denise joined.When Veronica got out a few minutes later she was singing Sum 41 In too deep. "I'm ready." Denise said smiling "You should let me do your hair." Veronica said drying her hair off "You sure?" Denise questioned. "Yeah! It'll be cute." "Okay if you say so "Let me get dressed though." Veronica said walking to her room. She looked in her closet and grabbed her casual black dress and her over sized flannel. She stared at it for a while and nodded in approval. "Okay I'm dressed." Veronica said walking into Denise's room "I like it you look so pretty." Denise said sitting in front of her mirror putting on some mascara. "You look cute yo." Veronica said looking at Denise's outfit. She was wearing a button up sleeveless shirt that was flowy and her favorite blue jeans "Thanks love." Denise replied putting her glasses back on. "I'm going to do my makeup while the curler heats up." Veronica said as she put foundation on. 15 minutes later she was done and the curler was hot enough "Denise get in the chair." Veronica said gesturing to the empty seat. "Okay please don't burn me." Denise begged "I do this for a living woman you'll be fine." "Okay I trust you." Another 15 minutes later she was done with Denise's hair."See you're fine and the natural curls look good on you hun." Veronica said proudly."Ohh my lord!" Denise yelled "I love it." She added. *Hello?* "Ohh shit i forgot to text Mikey." *Sorry i was getting ready :c* *Why so long?* *I wanted to look cute for u* * i already think u r cute* *lol okay are you guys here yet?* *Well thats the problem all the places here stand out so idk which one is your place* *I'll just give you my address then* *Cool* Veronica gave Michael her address and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. *We're here.* Veronica opened the door "Hey Mikey, hi Ashton." Veronica said "Hey cutie" Michael said Kissing her forehead She couldn't help it she had to smile "Just call me Ash" Ashton told her hugging her "Okay Ash imma get Denise just sit on the couch." Veronica said walking to Denise's room "They is here yo lets goooo." Veronica said happily "Chill dawg i need my converse" "Alright." Veronica said walking out of the room. "Do you guys want something to drink while Denise finds her shoes?" "Nah I'm good." "Its cool babe we're good." "Sorry for the wait guys I finally got them on." Denise said "Alright lets go" Veronica said holding onto Michael's hand. "Where are we going?" She added "You'll see." Michael said smirking

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