He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


1. Chapter 1

"Denise! I'm bored." Veronica exclaimed "What do you wanna do?" Denise said "Let's call Eliza and drive around town." "Alright that sounds like fun." Denise said pulling out her phone. "Cool i'll go get ready." Veronica said walking to the bathroom. "Hey Eliza its Denise. Veronica and I were wondering if you wanted to go around town?" "OMG! Yes you guys have no idea how bored i am here at home." "Okay then we'll pick you up in a bit." Denise said laughing "Okay see you then love." Eliza said as she hung up. "Denise what should i wear?" Veronica said sticking her head out of the bathroom "Should i wear my red plaid dress or my rainbow shorts and a baggy flannel with a Sex Pistols tank?" She added "Rainbow shorts blah blah blah why would you wear a dress?" Denise questioned "I have no idea. I liked the Sex Pistols shirt better anyways." Veronica said laughing "You moron!" Denise said laughing "What are you gunna wear Denise?" "Umm i don't know probably my 'Normal is BORING' shirt and some jeans" "Mkayy cool. Get ready so we can leave." "I already have my jeans on i'll just go put my shirt on." Denise said walking to her bedroom. "Meet me in the car babe." Veronica said grabbing her keys off the counter "Okay." When Denise got to Veronica's classic red 1967 mustang Eliza was already in the backseat. "you took long." Veronica said with a smirk. "Where should we leave the car?" Denise asked "We can leave it in the metro parking." Eliza said "Yeah we can do that." Veronica said driving quickly into the street. "Wow calm down!" Denise yelled. "The street was empty." Veronica said. "We could've died!" Eliza yelled. "Pshhh. If i wanted to kill you i wouldn't put myself in danger." Veronica said as she slowed down "Gee thanks Veronica!!!" Denise said smacking her in the arm. "Why is there a line to enter the stupid metro parking damnit." Veronica said tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. "There are only 2 cars in front of us." Eliza said unbuckling her seat belt. "About time we got a parking spot." Denise said stretching her arms. "Let's get some food i'm hungry." Veronica said locking her car. "Pizza?" Denise said "Pizza!" Veronica and Eliza said high fiving each other. When Veronica, Denise, ad Eliza found a small pizza place they sat down and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. "asdf dtghjk oiuhygf cvghjk?" Veronica said with pizza in her mouth "What??" Denise said looking at her like if she were crazy "I said that guy kinda looks like Michael Clifford!" Veronica yelled "He kinda does." Eliza said squinting her eyes. "Let's go see." Denise said looking at Veronica. "Okay." Veronica said smirking.

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