Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


6. Unexpected

July 3,1187 We have left the Bureau of Damas and have found information on Tamir's planes.We followed his Orator into an alleyway and when the coast was clear I struck but I underestimated him and got my nose cut up pretty badly and a couple of bruises.What a novice mistake....Kitsune though,saw it differently.She was worried about me and fixed me up.She told me things that truly surprised me.She said she only wanted me to be safe and didn't want to see me in pain...She says things that are the complete opposite of which I would expect to hear...She confuses me so much but not in a bad way in a way of which I don't completely understand yet..... ~The Day Before~ "Where should we start looking?"I asked as we began to walk the streets of the city."Let's see if we can hear anything from other merchants about him."Altair replied as we entered a marketplace.I tried to listen to what the merchants were talking about but it was very difficult with all of the other noises and distractions,I barely heard anything."I can't hear anything there's too much noise."I said."It's ok I think I've got an idea of where we should go."Altair said."How did you even hear anybody talking with all the chatter and noises?"I asked."Ah that's a secret."He replied with a wink and smile.I blushed and pouted."That's not fair."I said as we walked through the crowd making him chuckle."It takes concentration to be able to hear specific conversations in places like this."He said."Well it's pretty hard to concentrate in all of this."I said."Really?"He asked as he looked around."I found it quite easy."He added."That's cause you're a trained Assassin."I said making us both chuckle."Well I suppose you're right."He said as we stopped by a large crowd of people.There was a platform in the front of the crowd.They must be waiting for someone,Tamir maybe?"What are we doing here?"I asked."It seems as though Tamir's Orator is going to be here.Maybe we can get some information from him."Altair replied as he turned his head to look at me in the eyes."I'm not going to lose you in a crowd this time."He said and took a hold of my hand tightly but somehow it made me feel secure.I blushed a light red and nodded."I'm sorry about last time."I said as we started to move deeper in the crowd."It's ok it wasn't your fault."He said with a smile.I smiled back shyly as we made it to the center of the crowd.Then as I looked over at the platform a man came and stood on the platform and began to speak."None know Tamir better than I..."He began."Come close.Hear The tale I have to tell.Of a merchant prince without peer..."He said."Come on let's get closer."Altair said and guided me further in the crowd.I stayed right next to him.I didn't want to get separated and at some point in time I grabbed onto his arm with my other arm as he held onto my hand.I blushed as he looked down at me and smiled."It was just before Hattin,"The Orator continued."The Saracens were low on food and in desperate need of resupply.But there was no relief in sight.In those days Tamir drove a caravan between Damas and Jerusalem but recent business had been poor.It seemed there were none in Jerusalem who wanted what he had,fruits and vegetables from nearby farms.And so Tamir left,riding north and wondering what would become of his supplies,for soon they would surely spoil.That should have been the end of this tale and the poor man's lie.But fate intended otherwise.As Tamir drove his caravan north,he came across the Saracen leader and his starving men.Most fortunate for them both,each having something the other wanted.Tamire gave the man the food and the battle was finished,the Saracen leader saw to it that the merchant was repaid a thousand times.Some say,were it not for Tamir,Salah Al'din's men would have surely turned on him.Could be we won the battle because of that man..."He finished his speech with a smile upon his lips as he walked down the platform and the audience drifted off to their own business.The Orator walked on in his own direction amongst the crowd in the market."Come on let's follow him."Altair said.I nodded and so we started to trail close behind the Orator but at a safe distance at which he couldn't tell we were following him.I was going to release my grip on Altair's arm so he could move around freely but as I was going to let go of his hand his grasp tightened not letting my hand escape.I blinked and blushed shyly as I looked towards the ground."Stay behind me now Kitsune."Altair said as the Orator cut off the street and wandered off into an alleyway and we followed.I nodded and moved behind him holding onto a part of his robes.Altair took a few quick steps forward,grabbed the Orator and spun him around and jammed the tips of two fingers beneath the Orator's rib cage.The Orator gasped for air as he stumbled back.Altair looked around carefully and then kicked the Orator in the throat making him collapse to the ground and reach his hands to where Altair kicked him.Altair smiled and began to approach him.I stayed back as he approached the Orator but just as Altair reached him the Orator stood up and kicked Altair in the chest making him stumble back.I gasped as the Orator began to throw punches eventually hitting Altair on the jaw making him stumble back again."Altair!"I said as I approached him."No stay back."He said and struck the Orator on one of the temples.I found myself nerve wrecked as they fought in the alleyway.Every punch,every kick that the Orator landed on Altair broke me even more little by little.Eventually the Orator threw a punch and hit Altair in the bridge of his nose.A crack filled the atmosphere and I shivered.It was the same sound made when Altair punched the big Hospitaliar guard from the hospital in the face.I was certain that he had caused some damage to Altair's nose maybe even broke it.Altair stumbled back again and shook his head casting aside the obvious pain he was in.I couldn't stand back anymore.I had to do something.This feeling washed over me and it made me rush to Altair's side.I couldn't take seeing him in pain.Feelings of protection,sadness,and another feeling fueled my emotions but what was the last one?I didn't know."Altair!"I said and came to his side and wrapped my arms around him shielding him with myself."Kitsune what are you doing?!"Altair asked surprised as the Orator approached us throwing wild punches."Because I hate to see you in pain."I replied simply as I closed my eyes awaiting the punches but all I felt was a shift of weight and movement.I opened my eyes and Altair wasn't in my arms anymore.He was in front of me with his arms crossed in front of his face taking the punches silently.I blinked surprised and so did the Orator."You don't ever..."Altair began."Ever attack her!"Altair finished with a growl as he looked up at the Orator and punched him square in the face.The Orator stumbled back and Altair dropped down and swept him off of his feet making him fall to the ground,back first.The air must have escaped his lungs with the thud because he started to gasp for a breath.Altair swept down and kneed him in the groin making the Orator roll in pain in the dust.Altair stood and puffed as he let his shoulders fall before he turned to me."Are you ok?"He asked.I nodded and gasped as I saw the damage Altair took.His nose seemed broken,there was a gash reaching across the bridge of his nose dripping blood down the skin of his face.He also had a bruise on his jaw I could imagine he had several more bruises on his arms as well."Good."He said and smiled sweetly at me."Altair,I~"I began but he interrupted me by wrapping his arms around me and holding me tightly and securely."It's ok,I know what you're going to say."He said against my hair softly before he turned and crouched down in front of the Orator so that they were face to face."You seem to know quite a bit about Tamir..."Altair hissed."Tell me what he's planning."Altair demanded."I know only the stories I tell."The Orator said with a groan of pain."What a pity.There's no reason to let you live if you have nothing to offer in return."Altair said as he flicked his finger releasing his hidden blade."Wait,wait!"The Orator pleaded."There is one thing I know..."He began."He is preoccupied as of late.He oversees the production of many,many weapons..."The Orator added."What of it?They're meant for Salah Al'din presumably.This does not help me therefore it does not help you."Altair said and raised his hand to drive his hidden blade in the Orator's throat but the Orator raised his hands and continued."No!Stop please listen!"The Orator begged."Not Salah Al'din.They're for someone else.The crests these arms bear,they're different,Unfamiliar.It seems Tamir supports another...but I know not who."The Orator explained.Altair nodded."Is that all?"Altair asked."Yes,yes.I have told you everything I know."The Orator replied."Then it is time for you to rest."Altair said and calmly lifted his hand with the hidden blade into the air."No!"The Orator said but had no time for another word for Altair had driven his hidden blade into the man's throat.The man squirmed as blood pooled around him.When he stopped moving Altair took his hidden blade back and slide it into place hidden in the robes that covered his wrist.Altair dragged the Orator's dead body and hid it behind a couple of old barrels."Alright let's go."Altair said as he approached me."Altair you're hurt really bad,let me fix you up."I said as I took his hand in mines."Please I don't like seeing you in pain."I said.He blinked surprised by my request."I'm fine you don't have to worry about me."He said."No Altair you're not fine,you're hurt."I said as I carefully placed my hand on his cheek after I put his hood down."Can I see your arms?"I asked."Kitsune I'm~"He began but I interrupted."Please Altair let me see your arms."I requested.Altair nodded and rolled up his sleeves.The arm with the hidden blade was ok but the other was bruised.I frowned as I passed my hand softly and carefully over his arm."Why did you do that?"I asked."Why did you take the punches for me when you were hurt already?"I asked."Because I don't want anybody to hurt you."He replied.Could he feel the way I do?I hate seeing him in pain and I don't want anybody to hurt him either."That's how I feel about you too."I said as I looked up at him."Please Altair let me help you with the pain."I said.He inhaled and nodded."Very well Kitsune."He said with a smile as I took a hold of his hand.I smiled back at him."Thank you."I said.Afterwards Altair guided me to an abandoned house where we could stay in for a bit with no worries of guards finding us.I sat Altair down on a chair that was in the room we were in accompanied by a desk and a few other chairs.Jabal gave me some of that cream he used on me and some gauges and towels he also gave me a medical needle and threads.Good thing I learned how to use these."Alright this may sting a bit."I said as I got one of the towels from my robes and dabbed it over Altair's injury.He inhaled and exhaled but showed no signs of pain so I got more confident with what I was doing."Does it hurt if I touch the bridge of your nose?"I asked as I poked by the side of his injury."Not really it's just the huge gash."Altair replied.I nodded and finished cleaning out his wound."How did he manage to do this anyways?"I asked as I looked at the extent of the wound.It must have been more than just the punch."He was wearing a ring with a jagged point and he ran it over my nose after he punched me."Altair replied."Well that explains a lot."I said."So then what was that crack?"I asked."He didn't break it but it made a crack so I'm guessing he just cracked it,it will heal on it's own."He replied."How can you be so sure?"I asked."Because I've been through it before."He replied."Oh."I said with a frown."It's ok I'll get better and a lot more quickly since you're helping me."He said with a smile.I smiled back and nodded."Yes of course."I said."Hmmm I don't think you need stitches for this."I said as I took another good look at the wound.I looked over at the jar of cream and reached for it."This may sting a bit."I said as I opened the lid and dabbed some cream on his wound.He flinched a bit and took a hold of my other hand."Does it hurt too much?"I asked."No...I just...like holding your hand,it's warm."He replied with a bit of color on his cheeks.I blushed darkly and smiled shyly."I like it too."I said softly as I finished dabbing the cream on his injury.I blushed even more when I made eye contact with him.We were really close since I was taking care of his injuries and I felt myself burn up."I think this will heal soon."I said as I put the jar down and released his hand to get a medical patch that Jabal also gave me and placed it gently over his injury."What a novice mistake."He mumbled."What do you mean?"I asked."I underestimated him and he took advantage of that."He replied."Then you came and almost got hit yourself."He added."Why did you do that?"He asked."As I said before,I can't stand to see you being hurt or in pain."I replied."I wanted you to be safe."I added.There was a short pause as we just looked at each other."Thank you...Kitsune."Altair said softly breaking the silence."You don't need to thank me Altair I would never leave you in pain."I said."I don't want to thank you only for that but...for being different."He said."Different?What do you mean?"I asked."I'm not quite sure myself....you keep surprising me by responding in ways people usually have never responded in towards me before."He replied."I don't know...I guess what I'm saying is thank you for being different towards me."He added."Why do you treat me so kindly?Someone like you could be doing things so much greater than coming with me on these missions."He asked."Altair,I treat you like this because I care about you.We've been traveling together for a short time but I've grown closer to you."I replied."I prefer to stick with you than be off doing anything else."I added with a smile."I like being around you,you make me feel...free."I said as I finished fixing his wound."Free?"He asked."Yes you make me feel like I can make a difference like I can be free to make of myself what I wish."I replied."I don't know it's a silly feeling I suppose."I said with a shy blush."No it's not silly."He said as I brought a chair and sat next to him."I like hearing what you have to say."He added with a smile as he took my hand in his again.I blushed and looked towards the floor."Thank you for fixing me up."He said.I looked up at him to see him smiling kindly at me.I smiled back."Of course.Do you want me to put some cream on your bruises?"I asked."No it's ok."He replied."I'll be fine."He added with a smile.Then he looked out of the window of the house and I looked as well.It was already dark.We had spent quite some time in the house already and I was getting pretty tired."We should stay here tonight."Altair said."Yeah I suppose you're right."I agreed."Let's see if this place has a couple of beds we could sleep in."Altair said as he stood up.I stood up along with him and followed him through the hallways.Soon we found the bedroom of the house but there was a small problem.There was only one bed."You sleep on the bed I'll take the floor."Altair said as we entered the room."No it's not fair to you."I said with a frown."It's alright Kitsune I'll be fine on the floor."He dismissed with a smile."Why don't we..."I began with a shy blush."Why don't we what?"Altair asked."Why don't we just...squeeze in together?"I asked with a dark blush of shyness.He blinked with a bit of color on his cheeks as well."Are you sure?Would you...be comfortable like that?"He asked."Knowing it's you yes I would be comfortable with it...plus you make me feel safe."I replied shyly.He smiled at me softly and nodded."Kitsune you're such a sweet girl."He said and kissed my cheek sweetly.I blushed darkly and smiled shyly."Thank you."I said."Well then should we go to sleep?"He asked."Yeah I'm pretty tired."I replied.He nodded and afterwards we got in the bed as comfortably as we could.I was against Altair's chest with a shy blush on my cheeks."Are you sure you're ok with this?"He asked."Yes don't worry."I replied with a soft smile."Well then goodnight Kitsune."He said as he took a hold of my hand under the covers.I smiled as I began to close my eyes."Goodnight Altair."I said before I drifted to sleep.The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes were Altair's deep brown eyes accompanied by his kind smile.That night I slept in the comfort of his presence and in his scent with a small smile spread across my lips as he tightened his grip on my hand in our sleep. ~End Of Chapter 6~ 

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