Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


1. The Girl

June 26,1187 

I roamed the city undetected as usual.Nobody noticed me as I jumped from roof top to roof top.It was a normal day but one thing change.There seems to be a new person in Acre.Long curls of hair as pure white as snow cascaded down her back and sparkling hazel eyes as deep as the ocean adorned her delicate face.I didn't give her much thought at first.The day went on and I kept seeing her from time to time from the roof tops.She just seemed to be familiarizing herself with the city.Again I didn't give her much thought that is until she got attacked by Templars.It appeared as though she did something to "disrespect" them and she didn't even know.That's when I came in. 

~Earlier That Day~ 

I've finally arrived.Weeks of traveling and I've finally made it to the city of Acre.I sighed and smiled as I looked around the city.I can finally rest but I should get to know the place before I go find a new home though.I began to walk around the city seeing merchants,villagers,children and markets.The day went by smoothly and comfortably.The only thing that's pestering me was the feeling of someone.I know it sounds peculiarly strange but I felt like there was someone around,someone I needed to find and know.I shook my head and tried to let the sensation crawl into a corner of my mind.I walked through a market place and eventually I passed a strange group of men though I didn't really give them much thought.As I was in thought and almost left a market place I heard angry voices call out to me."Hey you!Girl with the white hair!"Called out a male voice agitated.I turned around to be faced by a group of men who easily towered over me with uniforms that had red crosses on them.They were the men from earlier and they seemed pretty angry with me."Yes?May I help you?"I asked."Do you know what you did?!"One of them growled."N-No I can't say I do..."I replied as I stammered in my speech."You threw milk at us earlier in the market!"The man hissed.Then that's when I recalled the incident.I was by a stand looking around when I was holding a bottle of milk.Then a dog braked behind me and startled me and I threw milk into the air with my hasty action because the lid was off.I looked around to see if I had wet someone but saw no one so I just payed for the milk I waisted and went on.I guess I did wet someone."Oh I'm so sorry,you see I was~"I began but one of them interrupted me by grabbed my arm and yanking me toward them harshly.I whimpered silently as their grip became painfully hard."We don't need your petty excuses!"He hissed at me angrily."But I-I didn't do it on purpose!It was just an accident!"I explained desperately struggling in the man's grip wanting to make the pain and pressure go away."I said,I don't care for excuses!"The man snapped and a pop filled the atmosphere.I whimpered in pain as my cheek began to throb as if someone had set it to burn.He had slapped me trying to silence me.I diverted my gaze to the floor not wanting to look them in the eyes.I knew he had risen his hand in the air to strike another blow at me so I squinted my eyes not wanting to see what would come but nothing came.The man's grip on me loosened soon releasing me.I opened my eyes and turned to see what happened and then I saw him.The Assassin.His eyes were covered by the cowl of his hood.His expression,unreadable.As simple as lifting a piece of paper he grabbed the man who had a hold on me and stabbed him in the neck with what seemed to be a hidden blade.He easily got rid of the others and then fixated his attention on me.He looked at me intensively and I looked back nervously.He then quickly stepped forward and took a hold of my wrist and then ran through the multitude of people ahead of us."W-Where are we going?!"I asked."Away from here."He replied simply.Eventually we got out of the multitude of people and headed into an alleyway.He stopped momentarily and let go of my wrist as he turned to me."Hop on my back."He said."W-What?"I asked surprised.He turned and crouched down waiting for me."Come on before more Templars find us."He said.I gulped silently and got on his back nervously."Hang onto me tightly ok."He said.Before I could question him as to why he began to scale up the wall of a building.I gasped as I almost fell.I wrapped my arms around his torso tightly and wrapped my legs around his waist hoping I wouldn't fall.I squinted my eyes and grabbed two fist fulls of the front of his hooded cloak.Eventually we made it to the top of the building."We're safe now."He said as he walked away from the edge.I opened my eyes and loosened my grip on him slightly.He crouched down again and waited patiently for me to get off.I let go of his cloak and unwrapped myself from him and stood up along with him.His expression was still an unreadable."Are you alright?"He asked."Y-Yes I'm fine."I replied.He placed his hand gently on my cheek and shook his head softly."No.The Templar struck at you and marked you."He stated.I looked towards the floor with a frown as he took his hand off of my cheek."They disgust me."He added with a glare."Thank you..."I said."What?"He asked curiously."Thank you for helping me back there."I replied as I looked up at his gaze that hid behind the cowl of his hood.He nodded slowly as he looked back at me.He now wore a slight smile upon his face."You are...?"He asked."I'm Kitsune Visare."I replied.He nodded and then looked towards the streets of the city."The commotion seems to have settled down,I'll take you down now."He said."Alright thanks again."I said with a smile of my own.He nodded and turned his back to me."Well hop on."He said.I nodded and got on his back yet again returning to the position I was in earlier.He then walked to the edge and scaled down the walls eventually landing gracefully on a stack of hay.I sighed a breath of relief glad I didn't fall off his back and got off of his back."Best of luck to you my friend."He said as he turned and walked towards the next wall about to scale up to the roof above."Wait!"I called.He turned his gaze to me and awaited my response."What's your name?"I asked."I am known as Altair."He replied with a sincere smile just before he climbed the wall in front of him.I smiled and walked out of the alleyway and onto the streets of the city in my thoughts of the Assassin who had saved me.'Altair...I wonder if I'll see him again.' 

~End Of Chapter 1~ 

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