Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


5. The bureau

July 2,1187


After entering the Assassin's Bureau we fixed Kitsune's ankle up so it should be healed soon and also got her some clothes so she could change from the hospital gown.Jabal ended up giving her an Assassin's robes and hood so she could change.She actually looks...really good with the robes.I found myself staring at her until Jabal called me.I had to shake myself off and get into focus again.We stayed in the Bureau that night.I found myself tossing and turning in bed uncomfortably until i just puffed agitated and stared at the ceiling.I heard Kitsune shift in her bed and i looked her way.Her sleeping face was turned to me and i smiled.Somehow i fell asleep afterwards.The next day we headed to Damas.


~The Day Before~


"The Assassin's Bureau?"I asked as Altair began to scale down the building."Yes i have to talk with the Bureau leader Jabal before we go."Altair replied as he sat me down on another crate in the alley."Am i allowed to come with you?"I asked."Only Assassins can enter bur i think they'll make an exception since you're with me."He replied as he turned around and took me in his arms.I wrapped my arms around his neck and blushed lightly."Are you ok?"Altair asked as he looked down at me."Are you sick or something?"He asked."What do you mean?"I replied with a question of my own."Your cheeks are red."He replied."Oh uh that,n-no i'm fine don't worry."I said with a nervous giggle.He noticed me blush...am i blushing that much?He gave me a small smile and nodded."Alright."He said and then he started to walk into a building.There was a desk and a maan stood behind it.He ws elderly and had a gray beard.He looked up and smiled at us."Hello Altair and company.I trust you have a good reason for bringing someone who is not an Assassin here,am i correct?"The elderly man greeted."Yes i do.She is traveling with me now and she got her ankle sprained so i brought her here to see if you had anything to help her."Altair said."Ah yes of course just put her down over there."The man said pointing at a chair.Altair nodded and set me down gently on the chair and gave me a smile."Why is she in a hospital gown?"The man asked as he stepped away from the desk as with what seemed to be a cream in his hands."She was taken by Naplouse when we got separated in a crowd of scholars."Altair replied."I see and she escaped herself?"The man asked as he got to my side."No i got her out."Altair replied.The man nodded and then turned to me and smiled."I am Jabal my dear and what is your name?"Jabal asked me with a kind smile."I'm Kitsune Visare."I replied returning his smile."It's nice to meet you."I added."It's nice to meet you too."Jabal said widening his smile."Here this should help the pain."He said as he dabbed my ankle with the ice cold cream."Thank you."I said."Can you get her some new clothes too?They took hers."Altair requested."Well yes i could but i only have Assassin robes."Jabal said as he faced Altair closing the lid of the jar with the cream."I suppose that will do."Altair said.Jabal smiled and nodded and then headed off into a different room."He's nice."I said with a smile."Yes he is."Altair said returning my smile."So he's going to give me Assassin robes like yours?"I asked."Yes so now you have to be more careful than before."Altair replied."Why?"I asked."Because people will think you are an Assassin yourself."He replied."I'm going to have to keep my eye on you."He added making me giggle."I'll try not to get into trouble."I said with a smile.He nodded and smiled back.Then as me and Altair were talking Jabal came back."Here you go Kitsune."Jabal said kindly handing me white robes like Altair's."Thank you."I said with a smile."Where do i change though?"I asked."There's an extra room over there."He replied pointing to a door to our left.I nodded and stood up carefully."Do you want me to take you over to the room?"Altair asked."It's alright i can do it."I replied giving him a shy smile as i walked into the room.As i changed out of the hospital gown i looked over at the robes.They were just like Altair's except Jabal didn't give me the hidden blade that Altair has.Surprisingly they fit me perfectly.They weren't too big and they weren't too tight either they were exactly my size.I looked in a mirror the room had and giggled.I looked exactly like an Assassin.The robes actually fit my body's shape exactly making me look pretty curvy.I put the hood up and walked outside with a smile on my face."Look Altair!I look like you!"I said with a chuckle.Altair turned to me and blinked as if surprised.He looked me up and down a couple of times and then smiled."Yes you really do."He said the smile still on his face.I blushed and smiled back shyly."Do you have the marker Altair?"Jabal asked."What?Oh uh yes,here."Altair replied and handed him the feather soaked in blood.Altair was a bit off there for a minute.Was he ok?"Will you be going to Damas today or wait for tomorrow?"Jabal asked."We'll be heading there tomorrow."Altair replied.Eh what am i thinking?Of course he's ok."You could stay here if you'd like."Jabal suggested."That would be great thank you."Altair said.That night we stayed in the bureau.Altair carried me to our room even though i tolkd him i would be fine to walk to the room at least.He set me down on one of the beds in the room and then he lied down on the other."How's your ankle?"He asked."It's getting better."I replied."Good."He said."So we're heading to Damas tomorrow?"I asked.He turned in the bed to face me.His hood was down so his face was completely visible and not hidden by the cowls of his hood.His short brown hair was a bit ruffled by the cloth of the hood and his eyes became more lively with the light the moon emitted in the room."Yes we'll be heading to the Assassin's Bureau of Damas once we get there."He replied."There's another one?"I asked."Yes there are three Assassin's Bureaus,one in Acre,one in Damas,and one in Jerusalem."He replied.I nodded.I shifted on the bed so i would be cross-legged and noticed Altair staring at me.I blushed and started to fiddle around with my new robes.I looked up shyly to meet his gaze.He looked back at me and blinked."Uh well...we should go to sleep we're going to have to wake up early tomorrow."He said as he shifted in the bed to stare at the ceiling.Am i going crazy or did i see a light blush on his cheeks?"Ok."I said and lied back down on the bed."Goodnight Altair."I said with a yawn."Goodnight...Kitsune."He said.Altair's voice was the last thing i heard before my eyes closed and drifted off to sleep.


"Kitsune..."A husky masculine voice called out to me in my sleep.I grumbled and shifted in my sleepiness."Kitsune wake up it's morning."He called again."A-Altair?"I asked as i decided to open my eyes and take a look at who it was.He smiled at me softly."Come on we must go."Altair said as i sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes."Ok."I said and stood up with a yawn and stretched."How did you sleep?"Altair asked as we began to walk out of the room."Good and you?"I replied with a smile."I slept well."He replied returning my smile."How does your ankle feel?"He asked."Actually now that you mention it,it doesn't hurt anymore."I replied."Thta's great although i am going to miss carrying you around."He said with a wink making me blush.He chuckled warmly at my reaction.Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Jabal and headed off to Damas.


After a while of traveling we made it to Damas.It was late in the day and we were tired,or at least i was,and we finally made it."Finally we've arrived."Altair said as we entered the city."Thank God,I'm so tired."I said with a thankful smile."Want me to carry you?I don't mind."He suggested with a small smirk on his face.I blushed lightly and smiled shyly."No it's ok thanks for offering though."I said shyly."Anytime."He said with a warm chuckle."So where are weheaded to now?"I asked."The Assassin's Bureau of Damas."He replied.Then we walked into an alleyway so nobody could see us and Altair started to scale the walls with me hanging onto him.I don't think i could ever get used to that but it isn't unpleasant it's actually really nice just a bit frightening.After a while of jumping from rooftop to rooftop Altair eventually got down into another alleyway."We've arrived."He said as i hopped off of his back."Are you sure they don't mind me coming with you?"I asked as we approached the building."Don't worry i'm sure they'll let you enter but even if they didn't i don't care we're sticking together no matter what."Altair replied with a smile.I smiled back as we entered the building.Inside the buidling was a man with short dark brown hair and bread.He was looking at some pottery on his desk when we entered.He looked up at us and smiled."Altair,it is good to see you."He said with a smile."You as well friend."Altair said."And this must be your companion i heard you'd be with."The bureau leader said with the smile still on his face."Yes this is Kitsune Visare."Altair introduced me."Hello."I said with a smile."Hello Kitsune."The leader said returning my smile.Then he took his gaze back to Altair."I am sorry for your troubles."The leader said.I listened to their conversation quietly not knowing what they were talking about."Think nothing of it."Altair dismissed."You know a couple of your brothers were here earlier i'm sure if you were to have heard what they said you would have slain them where they stood."The leader said."It's quite alright."Altair said patiently although i could tell he was getting quite annoyed.What did the leader mean Altair's troubles?"Yes,you never really were one for the Creed,were you?"The leader said."Is that all?"Altair asked with a low growl.The leader seemed embarrassed as he straightened himself out from behind the desk."Forgive me,sometimes i forget my place,so what brings you to Damas?"The leader asked."Jabal sent me."Altair replied."Ah yes the missions."The leader said as he reached for something in his desk."What must i do?"Altair asked."You must assassinate Tamir the corrupt merchant."The leader said as he handed Altair a white feather.Altair took it and nodded."I give you leave,good luck brother."The leader said and so we started to walk out of the building together.I wanted to ask Altair what the leader was talking about but i don't think i should.I looked up at Altair and noticed he was in a pretty gloomy or mad mood."Altair,are you ok?"I asked.He looked at me and smiled."Yes of course,i'm fine."He replied."Are you sure?"I asked not sure if you was really ok."Yes don't worry Kitsune i'm fine."He replied as he patted my head kindly.I smiled and nodded."Alright."I said."Well let's start looking around the city and trace down Tamir."Altair said.And so we started to walk through the streets of the city now searching for Tamir the corrupt merchant.


~End Of Chapter 5~

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