Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


3. Stubborn

July 1(Afternoon),1187 

How could this happen?!The mission was going so smoothly in the beginning!How could we have gotten separated?!Kitsune got taken away by the Hospitalier guards that walked the streets with Naplouse!I have to go save her!Why did she have to be so stubborn?!If she had just stayed somewhere safe while I did the assassination she wouldn't have gotten taken leaving me worried out of my mind!...it doesn't matter now though.I must save Kitsune! 

~Earlier That Day~ 

After me and Altair had our discussion about me staying waiting for him to assassinate Naplouse we headed to the hospital.I convinced him to let me come with him so I'm pretty excited about this.We kept jumping from rooftop to rooftop until eventually the hospital was in sight."How are we going to get inside?"I asked.I was still clutching onto Altair's cloak tightly as he stood by the edge of the building looking down at the hospital."I don't know yet let me see if I can find an opportunity to go."Altair replied.After a while of searching with his sharp gaze he frowned."I can't find anything."He said."What do we do then?"I asked with a frown of my own.Just as I asked that Altair's frown curved up into a smile."Look.Down there.There's a big group of scholars,we can just slip among them and enter unnoticed."He said."Oh good idea."I said with a smile."Hang on I'm going down."He said as he began to scale down the wall into an alley nearby the hospital."Remember to stay close to me."He said as we got down to the alley and he set me down.I nodded."Alright."I said.Then we started to head out of the alley and we easily got into the big crowd.Altair kept his head down and his face covered with the cowl of his hood."What do you think its like inside the hospital?"I asked."I don't know."Altair replied."From what I've heard probably horrid."He added.A little while later somebody bumped into me and pushed me aside as they walked forward.I glared at them from behind."Any who,do you think we'll get close enough to him?"I asked lowly."..."I got no reply."Altair?"I called in a hushed tone as I turned to my right.He wasn't there."Altair?"I called again as I looked to my left.He wasn't there either."Don't tell me I got separated from him already!"I whispered to myself.I started to move through the crowd looking for Altair but got nowhere.I couldn't find him."Where could he have gone..."I said to myself as I looked at the crowd of people in front of me."Oh,this one will do just fine."A horribly familiar voice said from behind me.I gulped silently and turned around to be faced by Naplouse.He had two big Hospitalier guards on either side of him with less expression than a brick on their faces."Hey what the?!Let me go!"I said as the guards each took a hold of my arms."Don't worry my child,things will all turn out for the best."Naplouse said with a kind smile spread across his lips although I knew things weren't going to be ok."No!You can't!"I said desperately struggling in the grip of both guards as they began to drag me into the hospital.Their grip tightened as I struggled without a doubt bruising my arms.I whimpered as the pain increased.Just before they got me inside I saw him.Altair was looking at me obviously with anger upon his face.Most likely he was mad at me for separating from him in the crowd.His fists were clenched and the expression on his face was unmistakably angry.I looked to the floor away from his intense gaze with sadness for a moment and then I looked back up to see he wasn't there anymore.'I'm sorry Altair.'I thought to myself as they dragged me deeper into the hospital.Eventually we got to a room filled with beds and people strapped to them with leather straps.I went wide eyed as they got me to a bed with the leather straps."Wait!What are you doing!Don't!"I said as they unhooked the straps that were waiting for my wrists to be placed in them."Here you go child,change into this."Naplouse said as he showed me a hospital gown.I shook my head 'no'."No!I'm not staying here to be your Guinea Pig!"I growled."Don't make this difficult my child."Naplouse said.I simply glared at him and turned my head."Oh well here you go children can you help me with this stubborn one?"I heard Naplouse ask from behind me.The two big men nodded and one held onto both my arms as the other quickly tore my shirt and pants off and dressed me in the hospital robe.I stood there wide eyed and shivered."What the hell!Let me go!"I snapped angrily."Lay her down here and strap her in."Naplouse said and the guards did as commanded and strapped me to the bed tightly.I struggled in the straps and glared at Naplouse."I'll be right back with something...special,my child."Naplouse said with a smile as he turned and left with the guards following him.I puffed angrily and tried breaking free from the straps again but I got nowhere.I sighed agitated."Damn bastards even took my clothes with them..."I said to myself as I looked towards the door that Naplouse walked through.Then in my anger my eyes widened.What is he bringing that he thinks is special?!Oh gosh no!I'm going to be another experiment of his!'Why did I have to get lost?!'I thought to myself as I puffed yet again and lied my head on the pillow roughly out of my anger with myself."I've returned my child."Naplouse said with a smile as he came through the doors.I went wide eyed and shook my head as he neared my position.He was carrying a HUGE needle with a bubbling green liquid in its container."Don't you dare touch me with that needle!"I hissed as I struggled in the straps.As he neared I noticed the group of scholars come into the room.Then I saw Altair.He was still amongst the crowd of scholars.We made eye contact as Naplouse got to my bed and he nodded.Naplouse was alone.The guards were on the other side of the room preoccupied with something else of which I did not know."Don't worry my dear child this will only hurt for a moment."Naplouse said as he flicked the needle making droplets of the bubbling green liquid fall onto the bed covers,burning it slightly.My eyes widened at what had happened.I looked up at Naplouse and saw Altair was behind him with anger on his face.Altair grabbed Naplouse's shoulder and pulled him away from my bed quickly and silently before he inserted his hidden blade into Naplouse's neck.He covered his mouth with his other hand stifling his cries of pain as he died in his arms.Altair then set him down on the floor,took out a feather and soaked it in his blood,and closed Naplouse's eyes as he put away his hidden blade.Then he drew his attention to me."Altair,I'm so sorry i~"I begun as he took the straps off of my wrists and ankles."Don't worry I'm getting you out of here.Tell me all of which you please when we are out of this hell hole."Altair interrupted me as he took off all of the straps and helped me sit up.Then we immediately heard screaming from the other side of the room.The guards quickly started to run to our position.Altair looked back at me and threw me over his shoulder as he began to run out of the room."Do you have any idea where you're even going?!"I asked as the guards trailed behind us."No.All I can hope for is that this door leads to the courtyard."Altair replied as he busted through another door of the room.He smiled."Good this is the courtyard."He said as he ran into the courtyard but was stopped by an even taller Hospitalier guard than the others.His expression was cold and it sent shivers down my spine.Altair frowned and stared at the guard who stared back with a sharp gaze.He grabbed me by the waist and set me down on my feet."Stay behind me."He said as he took out his hidden blade.The guard took out a sword that hung from his belt and so the battle commenced. 

~End Of Chapter 3~ 

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