Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


10. Remembering in the Darkness

July 7,1187



Last night,Kitsune told me everything.She told me about her past life in Jerusalem and about her parents,her childhood,and her connection with Talal.She spilled out her thoughts and everything she was feeling to me and it appeared to be so overwhelming for her.She broke down and started to sob as she spoke to me.It saddened me to see her like that.She is always such a happy,cheerful person but she was so shooken about everything that had happened,she couldn’t hold it anymore.I did the best I could to comfort her and held her for a while just rocking her lightly as I stroked her hair and whispered words of comfort to her.I only wish I could do more.Eventually I was able to get her to fall asleep.I lied her down beside me and stayed up a while lying down next to her and staring at the ceiling just thinking.It wasn’t until hours later that I was able to drift to sleep beside her as well.


~The Night Before~


I sighed and looked across from me to look into Altair’s deep chocolate brown eyes looking for a place to start.”Two years ago I lived a normal,happy life here in Jerusalem with my mother and father.They were the only family I had left.”I began as I absentmindedly began to play with the fabric of the pillow I was clutching to my chest.”My family is well known in this city because of the kindness and love my parents spread through the city and to it’s people but as you know,Jerusalem is a city filled with violence and hate.”I said.Altair nodded.”And although my parents were kind,there were people who did not like my family and I was aware of that and I didn’t understand why but in all matters,I didn’t really care.I loved my parents and I loved helping people with them and because of this I got the nickname ‘fox angel’ but I also got some enemies too.”I added.Altair nodded slightly,almost as if he didn’t like how the story was turning out.”So I started to get pushed around a lot around the city when I was alone.I got a sprained ankle or wrist here and there and some bleeding sometimes too but I eventually learned to care for myself if that were to happen before I got home.”I said and clutched my pillow a bit more remembering how much pain I actually went through.”Wait,so they actually attacked you?”Altair asked.I nodded slightly.He growled lowly at my reply.”Pathetic bunch of bastards…”He mumbled.He seems angry already about how the story is turning out.”Continue,”He added as he sat up a bit.”But one night,that one night…”I began.”I was out at a friend’s house bringing them some medicine because they were ill,I had no idea what was happening when I was away…”I continued as I clutched onto the pillow even more.”When I got home I called out to my parents but no one replied in the darkness.It was cold…and when I was able to see things in my house more clearly I noticed basically everything we owned was destroyed and turned over in the home.I panicked.I didn’t know where my parents were but I went in search for them in my home but found no one until I got outside to our garden in the back of the home.They were there and so was another man.”I continued as I bit my lip and held the pillow even tighter.”I didn’t know who it was and he had my parents cornered on the ground.They looked my way with eyes filled with shock and fear.I could never forget the looks on their faces that night…they yelled out to me.Telling me to run as fast as I could and get away from there.I stumbled back as the man turned.He was wearing a hood over his gaze so I could not see his face but I did see his devilish smirk.He held a knife in one hand and a bow in the other with a basket of arrows on his back.My heart almost stopped when he took and set an arrow on his bow and aimed it at me.I ran away as fast as I could into my home stumbling on random objects until I was out again and began to run even more to God knows where.”I said.”When I was younger,since Jerusalem was always a violent city,my parents told me if I were ever in a situation as such,to run away.Leave Jerusalem.”I added and breathed in sharply before I said my next sentence in a weaker tone.”I-I left Jerusalem that night and ran in a path of which I had no idea what led to and…unknown to me then…that was the last time I saw them.”I concluded as I held the pillow so tightly it strained my arms.”I-I didn’t know what to do…I-I still don’t know what to do.”I added as tears began to form in my eyes and fall to my cheeks.”Life became so difficult without them,I just remember sobbing everyday when I remembered my home.I wanted so bad to go back but I knew I couldn’t.I had to keep moving and that’s what I did.I moved from place to place for two years living barely on essentials without a purpose,home,or family left…until I met you in Acre.”I finished.The room became silent and I started to remember the past and started to sob more.I-I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.I never noticed how much I was actually bottling in inside until now.”Ever since then I’ve been alone and…and…”I added as I squinted my eyes making more tears fall down my cheeks and land on the beautiful fabric of the rugs we were lying on.As I stayed there with my eyes closed,sobbing and sniffling I felt a movement next to me and two arms wrap around me holding me securely.”It’s ok Kitsune.”Altair’s voice filled my ears softly.”You’re not alone anymore.”He added.I looked up at him with tears still in my eyes to see him looking down at me with his deep eyes.”You have me.”He said.What he said really got me.It really dug in deep.I couldn’t help but cling to him with my face buried in his chest as I sobbed quietly in his embrace.He held me tighter as I clutched onto his robes.”Th-Thank you so m-much Altair…”I managed to muffle.He then put his hand under my chin and made me look up at him.He smiled sweetly down at me and wiped away my tears with his thumbs.”You’re a sweet girl with a caring heart,”He began as his smile slowly faded.”You didn’t deserve any of that.You didn’t deserve that pain,the feeling of being alone,and hopelessness you felt.”He continued.”But I promise you Kitsune,I won’t let you feel like that ever again.I’m going to protect you,I promise.”He added.I didn’t say anything I just wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.I hugged him tightly not wanting to let go.He wrapped his arms around me as well and began to stroke my hair whispering sweet words to me.I loved the feeling he gave me,I loved being engulfed by his presence and I love the sense of reassurance he gave me.He means so much to me it doesn’t even feel like a met him just a while ago it feels like I’ve known him for years.”Thank you…”I whispered to him as I parted slightly from our embrace so I was able to look him in the eyes.He looked back at me with his beautiful chocolate brown eyes and smiled.”Why thank you?”He asked.”For everything.For being such an amazing person,for protecting me,for making me feel better,and for making me smile again.”I replied.”Thank you.”I added.He smiled softly at me as he tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear.”Don’t thank me Kitsune.I just love to see you smile.That’s all I want in return.To see you smile.”He told me making me almost tear up again.”Can you do that for me Kitsune?Can you give me one of your bright smiles?”He asked.Although I had just cried for quite a while I couldn’t help but smile at him quite a bit shyly.He smiled back at me softly.”There we go.I love that smile.”He said as he placed his hand on my cheek.I blushed lightly and decided to hug him again.He chuckled warm heartedly and held me in his arms.We sat there for a while in our embrace.By now I had come to notice that I was basically sitting on his lap.Knowing this made me blush all the more but I didn’t dare move.I liked being held by him in such a way and then after some time my eyes began to close.I tried to fight the grip of sleep but I was losing the battle and I think he noticed.He brought me back from our embrace and lied me down softly next to him on the many pillows that surrounded us.”You should rest Kitsune.”Altair said softly as he stroked my hair.I nodded drowsily and smiled lazily at him.”Ok…goodnight Altair.”I told him as I placed my hand on his cheek and brought him closer so I could kiss his cheek.The last thing I saw before I drifted off to sleep was Altair’s sweet smile accompanied by his deep chocolate brown eyes and the feeling of his lips on my forehead.



~End Of Chapter 10~

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