Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


4. No mercy

July 1(Evening),1187 

I snuck into the hospital undetected.I stayed amongst the crowd of scholars as we went from room to room in the hospital.At first I didn't see Kitsune anywhere and I started to worry,maybe I was out of time but then I saw Naplouse ahead of the crowd heading into a room filled with patients.Luckily the group of scholars followed.As we got inside I saw Kitsune strapped to a bed like the other patients.I snuck out of the crowd,assassinated Naplouse,and took Kitsune with me.I noticed she had new bruises on her arms and I got furious.Just as we were heading out of the courtyard another Hospitalier guard awaited us.I glared at him and he glared back and then I let all my anger let loose. 

~Earlier That Day~ 

I stood behind Altair.I shook with fear as the Hospitalier guard stared down at us coldly."A-Altair..."I said nervously."Don't worry you'll be ok."He said as he stood in a defensive stance."Its not me that I'm worried about."I said."Its you."I added."You're worried about me?"He asked as he looked at me over his shoulder a bit surprised.I nodded nervously.He smiled at me before facing the Hospitalier guard again."Don't worry about me I'm going to get the both of us out of here."He said and with that their blades clashed.The guard swung his sword at Altair and Altair easily dodged it moving to the side.Altair took a swing with his hidden blade but they clashed weapons again.They pushed each other away from one another and both stumbled back.The guard growled and threw a punch at Altair hitting him in the jaw."Altair!"I said as he stumbled back.Altair moved his jaw a bit and dismissed the pain that the punch most probably brought him and struck.He punched him back but right in the face possibly breaking his nose as a crack filled the courtyard.Then I started to hear the sound of the other guards coming towards us."Altair more of them are coming!"I said as I walked away from the door that lead into the patient's room."The other two that had you today?"Altair asked as I turned to look at him.While I was looking towards the door Altair had stabbed the guard in the neck and killed him.His kills were silent and barely even noticed when committed.I nodded and stepped further away from the door.Altair grabbed my wrist and gently but swiftly put me behind him.His expression turned cold and his eyes had pure anger in them."Don't worry."He said as the guards arrived to the courtyard."This won't take long."He added and struck as fast as a Cobra.After just a few clashes of blades here and there Altair took down the guards."Curse you Assassin why did you have to come and end our lives in such a humiliating way?"The guard asked as Altair set him down on the ground."For everything you've done.For causing suffering to innocent people but mostly for taking her away from me and marking her."Altair hissed as the guard finally passed.I stood there surprised.He's mad because of that?I thought he was mad at me because I lost him in the crowd and he would probably not take me with him anymore because I would be a burden to him.Altair stood and faced me with a more sincere look."Come on we must leave before more guards come."He said extending his hand to me."Right."I said as I got out of my daze of surprise and grabbed his hand.We started to run out of the hospital and ran as fast as we could before more guards could come and have a chance to find us but to our luck some actually spotted us."Look!There they are!Don't let the Assassin and the girl escape!"We heard a guard shout as a couple of them chased after us."Altair....I can't keep up!"I said as I began to puff for air.Altair on the other hand,was doing perfectly fine."Come on Kitsune just a bit further!"He encouraged me.I nodded and tried to keep running but I ended up tripping and twisting my ankle and I fell to the ground."Kitsune!"Altair said and stopped running and helped me up."Are you ok?"He asked."Yeah I think I sprained my ankle though."I replied as I stood up."Can you walk?"He asked.I tried to put my weight on my other foot but it wouldn't work it hurt too much.I winced and quickly stood on my other foot."No I don't think so."I replied.Altair looked at me and then at the guards who were running towards us and then back at me."Forgive me if this is uncomfortable."Altair said."What do you~"I began but couldn't finish my sentence because he grabbed me and started to carry me in his arms and began to run again.Even with the extra weight he had to carry he was still as fast as the wind.I blushed shyly as I looked up at his face surprised.I hadn't noticed before but Altair is really...good looking.He kept his gaze straight forward and held me tightly in his arms being careful not to drop me.Eventually we got away from the guards and we were finally safe.He ran into an alleyway silently without anybody noticing and sat down in a dark corner so nobody could see us.He sat me down on his lap and rested his head against the wall but kept his gaze on me.His mesmerizing brown eyes stared into mines making me blush more.I wanted to look away from him because of my shyness but found that I couldn't tear my eyes away from his."Are you ok?Does it hurt anywhere?"He asked."Not really just if I move my ankle a lot."I replied."Did Naplouse do anything to you in that hospital before I got to you?"He asked.He seemed pretty concerned about my well being."Well he almost injected me with that green stuff but you assassinated him before he had the chance to try."I replied."The worse I got from there are these bruises the guards gave me."I said showing him my arms.He frowned at the sight of two huge new bruises on my arms."They marked you...they hurt you..."He began as he passed his hand over the bruise on my arm."I swear if anybody else touches you I'll kill them on the spot."He finished with a growl."Is that why you seemed so mad?"I asked.He tilted his head and looked at me curiously."What do you mean?"He replied with a question of his own."Earlier today when they took me into the hospital I saw you before they got me through the doors...you seemed so mad your fists were clenched and you looked really angry."I replied."Weren't you mad at me for leaving your side?"I asked."Of course not!I was mad because they took you away from me and you seemed like you were in pain."He replied.His grip tightened on me a bit when he answered my question.I looked away from his gaze with a frown."Altair I'm so sorry...because of me we almost got captured by Hospitalier guards and even worse,we could've gotten killed."I said."You even got hurt because of me."I said as I placed my hand on his cheek."I understand if you don't want me around anymore.I'm probably just a nuisance."I added as I took my hand away."I haven't even had you around for one day and I don't plan on leaving this city without you."Altair said.I looked back at him surprised to see him smiling kindly at me."We made the decision to stick together didn't we?"He asked.I nodded."Then that's what we're going to do we're gonna stick together like glue."He said widening his smile."Even if that means I have to save you a couple of times here and there."He added."Wouldn't that annoy you?"I asked."What bothers me is the thought of someone hurting someone as innocent as yourself."He replied."So no matter how many times you get kidnapped I'm always going to save you."He added with a warm chuckle.I smiled and chuckled along with him."Thanks Altair."I said with a smile.He nodded as he returned my smile."Well we should get going I still have something to do before we head to Damas."Altair said as he stood up carrying me in his arms again.I wrapped my arms around his neck hoping I wouldn't fall although I knew he wouldn't drop me."But what about my ankle?Wouldn't I slow you down?"I asked shyly trying not to get lost and stare at his attractive profile."Don't worry I know some people who can help you with that and I'll see if I can get you some new clothes."He replied."Really?Who?"I asked."All in do time my dear."He replied with a smile.I pouted but agreed to wait reluctantly.He chuckled lightly at my reaction."Do you think you can hold onto me tightly while I scale the walls?"He asked."Yeah I think I can still hang on."I replied.He nodded and sat me down on a wooden crate in the alleyway and turned his back to me waiting for me to hold onto him.I wrapped my arms around his torso and held onto him as tightly as I could."Alright are you ready?"He asked.I nodded 'yes'."Yeah I'm ready."I replied and so Altair started to scale the walls as skillfully as he always does.I placed my head gently against his back and closed my eyes as a smile spread across my lips.It was really peaceful to be with him like this.After a while of jumping from rooftop to rooftop Altair stopped and stood by the edge of the building."We're here."He said."Where?"I asked."The Assassin's Bureau of Acre." 

~End Of Chapter 4~ 

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