Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


7. Leap of faith

July 4,1187

After we awoke the next day we gathered our things and left the abandoned house and got back on the streets of Damas.We first went back to the Bureau leader and told him what we had learned and afterwards we began to search for the whereabouts of Tamir and lucky for us we found him pretty quickly.I assassinated him with ease but then we got chased by some guards,I guess some spotted us after all.We ran through thecity until we got to the top of the highest building in the city with the guards on our trail.I had a plan to get them off of our tracks.At the top I told Kitsune to hop on my back and I did the Leap Of Faith off of the building leaving the guards behind confused about where we had disappeared to.But…the thing Tamir told me before he passed…it has me thinking,maybe there is something else going on but I suppose it’s just a feeling,right…?

~The Day Before~

The next morning I was awoken by a shift,a movement.I opened my eyes slowly still feeling a bit tired and looked ahead.I was facing the room me and Altair were in.The early morning sun's light filled the room making me squint my eyes slightly.I suppose it was about 7am.Then I felt a tug.I blinked and looked at the covers and saw an arm wrapped around me over the covers.I looked over my shoulder and saw Altair was still sound asleep.His hood was down and he had a soft expression on his face.I turned over carefully trying not to wake him up.He adjusted himself too and held me closer to him.I blushed and looked at his sleeping face.He looked so...sweet but I frowned when I saw the patch I had put on his face yesterday.He was hurt,he's been through a lot he deserves to sleep in.I was about to place my hand on his cheek but decided not to because I'd probably wake him so instead I tried to make myself comfortable in the position I was in and let him sleep.He deserves some rest I just wonder how I'm going to go back to sleep like this...

Eventually I was able to fall back asleep but after some time I felt another shift and I opened my eyes to be greeted by deep chocolate brown eyes."Kitsune...have we been like this all night?"Altair asked.I blushed and nodded."I-I...well...y-yes..."I replied nervously.He blinked and took his arm away from my waist."I'm sorry I didn't know...I..."He began nervously but couldn't seem to find the words to say.It made me giggle the way he acted."Don't worry about it it's ok."I said with a smile.How cute though,was he shy?He smiled back and nodded.”Well then we should get going we must go to the bureau again.”He said.I nodded and sat up in the bed with him.I stretched when we got out of bed and yawned.”How did you sleep by the way?”I asked.”I slept very well I haven’t been able to sleep in for a while.”He replied with a smile.”How about you?”He asked as he began to walk towards the door.”I slept well too.”I replied.Then I noticed I still had to check his wound.”Wait Altair,before we go sit here,I must check and see how your wound is healing.”I said and pointed towards a chair.Altair nodded and sat down.I placed my hand on his chin and tilted his head up slightly before I reached for the patch and pealed it off carefully.”Oh wow that cream worked miracles on you!”I said surprised.”What do you mean?”He asked.”Your wound looks great!It’s already healing,in fact it’s already closed!”I replied with a smile.He smiled back and chuckled softly.”W-Why are you laughing?”I asked shyly as a light blush crept upon my cheeks.”You get so happy when you find out I’m ok,why is that?”Altair asked.”W-Well that’s because I care about you and hate to see you hurt so of course I get happy when you turn out ok.”I replied with a bit of stammer in my speech.”You really are different.”He commented with a soft smile.I blushed even more and smiled shyly.”Thank you Altair.”I said.He nodded.”So is it ok for me to stand now?”He asked.”Oh yeah,o-of course.”I said and stood back so he could stand up.”Well let’s get going.”He said.I nodded and then followed him out of the room and out of the house.Soon we were back on the crowded streets of Damas and on our way to the bureau.

“Altair,Kitsune~!Welcome,welcome.”The Bureau leader greeted us with a smile as we entered the bureau.I smiled at the Bureau leader as he smiled back and then brought his attention to Altair.”Well?What have you learned?”The Bureau leader asked.”Tamir rules over the Souck Al-Silaah,”Altair began.”He makes his fortune selling arms and armor,and is supported by many in this endeavor,blacksmiths,traders,and financers.He is the largest death dealer in the land.”Altair continued.The Bureau leader nodded as he listened to the information that Altair gave him.”And have you devised a way to be rid of him?”The leader asked.”A meeting is being arranged at Souck Al-Silaah to discuss an important deal,they say it’s the biggest deal Tamir has ever made.That’s when I’ll strike.”Altair replied.I listened to what Altair was saying quietly wondering when he had gained this information.He probably got it when he was listening to the merchants speak amongst themselves when I failed miserably trying to listen as well.”Your plan seems solid enough,I give you leave.”The leader said with a smile that only seemed to increase the look of annoyance on Altair’s face.Altair nodded and turned to me.”Well then let’s get going.”Altair said.I nodded and followed him to the door but the leader’s voice stopped us from going further.”Wait,you’re taking Kitsune with you?”He asked.”Of course,why do you ask?”Altair replied as we turned around.”Don’t you think it would be better to leave her here with me?”The leader asked.”She would be safer.”He added.Altair narrowed his eyes slightly and shook his head.”No,she’s fine with me,I’ll keep her safe.”Altair replied.”Are you sure?You know how missions like these could get…I think she’d be safer to wait for you here with me.”The leader commented.Sure,he made a point to most people who would hear his words but I prefer to go with Altair,I don’t know I feel safe with him even when we are clearly in danger.”Yes I’m sure.She is coming with me,I won’t let anything happen to her.I wouldn’t have peace of mind knowing she was here and not with me.”Altair replied clearly getting more annoyed by the leader but the leader merely chuckled.”You’re so hard-headed Altair.”The leader commented with a chuckle.”Very well,let Al Mualim’s will be done.”The leader said.Altair nodded and we walked out of the bureau afterwards.Altair sighed as we walked further away from the building.”Kitsune,do you wish to come with me on this mission or stay at the bureau?”He asked as he turned and looked at me with a serious expression on his face.I blinked a bit surprised by his question but then shook my head and smiled at him.”I prefer to come with you.”I replied.”I’d feel safer if I stayed with you.”I added.He blinked but smiled and nodded.”Very well.Stay close to me,I won’t let anything happen to you again.”He said and grabbed my hand gently but firmly.I nodded with a smile and held his hand back.”Ok.”I said.And so we started to walk through the streets of the city with our faces hidden behind the cowls of our hoods until eventually we arrived to Souck Al-Silaah.As we made our way into the marketplace we noticed a crowd of people by a sunken ceremonial courtyard in its center.Then we noticed a man ahead.He wore expensive looking robes and had a dark mustache above his lips.He had two big bodyguards behind him and a trembling old man in front of him.That must be Tamir certainly.”Come,let’s move around the crowd and try to get a bit closer.”Altair said.I nodded and he guided me by the crowd of people as I looked at the situation in front of us.”If you’d just have a look…”The man began meekly.”I have no interest in your calculations!”Tamir snapped.”The numbers change nothing.The fact is that,your men have failed to fill the order,which means I have failed my client.”Tamir added.Altair watched with an expression as if deep in thought.Then his eyes wandered the area looking at the crowd,the guards,and lastly Tamir which at sight soon changed his expression to one of disgust.”We need more time.”The merchant pleaded.I don’t think Tamir would be very merciful at this point with this poor man.”This is the excuse of a lazy or incompetent man?”Tamir retorted.”Neither.”The merchant replied still trembling under Tamir’s dark gaze.”What I see says otherwise.”Tamir began.”Now tell me,how do you intend to solve this problem of ours?We need these weapons now.”He finished.”I-I see no solution.”Stammered the merchant.”My men,they worked day and night but…your client requires so much and the destination…it is a difficult route.”The merchant added.I frowned at the sight of the poor man.He seemed very thin and tired,probably from working all the time to produce these weapons Tamir requires.”Were it that you could produce weapons with the same skill as you produce excuses.”Tamir said with a chuckle.The crowd laughed along with him weakly but that was probably from fear of being in the same position that poor man was in.”I have done all I can.”The merchant insisted desperately.”It is not enough.”Tamir commented returning to his stern gaze that shot fear into the merchant before him and the people amongst the crowd.”Then perhaps you ask too much.”The merchant said meekly.The crowd fell silent as the words escaped the old merchant’s lips.I gulped silently.Even I know that was pretty foolish to say at this point,I felt really bad for this man.”Too much?”Tamir said in a spine tingling tone.I blinked and got a bit closer to Altair.The tone in Tamir’s voice even scared me,I could only imagine what the merchant was feeling.In return though,Altair tightened his grip on my hand as I slid closer to him.”I gave you everything,without me you would still be charming snakes for coins.All I asked in return is that you fill the orders I bring you and you say I ask too much?”Tamir said darkly as he drew his dagger that shimmered with the light of the sun.I went wide eyed as I saw him draw his blade.No,he can’t kill a man because he could not fill an order that was over his limitations!The old merchant fell to his knees and held his clasped hands up to Tamir with tears in his eyes that soon overflowed.”You dare disrespect me?!”Tamir hissed.”Peace Tamir.”The merchant whimpered.”I meant no insult.”He added.”Then you should have kept your mouth shut!”Tamir growled.I stood and watched mortified.Don’t do it!He doesn’t deserve the taste of death from his blade!But Tamir had no mercy and slashed at the old merchant opening a huge gash over the man’s tunic that soon began to spur blood that got soaked up by the cloth of his robes,making them turn red.”No!Please stop!”The merchant begged desperately as he fell back from the pain.”Stop?”Tamir snickered.”I’ve only just begun.”He added and stepped forward and drove his dagger deep into the old merchant’s stomach and then thrust him to the ground as he screamed in agony.I squinted my eyes as the blood began to spur and Tamir approached him and stabbed him again.”You came into MY souck!”Tamir growled.I heard him thrust his dagger into the poor man again with a stomach churning sound.I grabbed onto Altair’s arm and pressed my forehead against his arm.”Stood before MY men!”Tamir growled again with another thrust of his dagger.Altair wrapped his arms around me and brought me close to his chest as I released his arm so I was buried in his robes.He placed his hand on my head and held me closer to him as Tamir continued.Even if I was buried in Altair’s robes and he held me close to him,the poor man’s screaming still echoed around us which made me clutch onto Altair’s robes firmly.”And dared to insult me?!”Tamir snarled.He stabbed him again and again but the man’s screaming then stopped,he must have died already I mean who could have survived that and then some?”You must learn your place.”Tamir hissed.I let go of Altair’s robes slowly and separated from him.”No Kitsune don’t look.”Altair said to me but I turned and saw the bloody corpse of the innocent man sprawled out on the floor.I placed my hand over my mouth horrified at the sight as I felt Altair hold me tightly from behind.”Turn away Kitsune,your eyes should not see such a sight.”Altair whispered.”That poor man…”I commented weakly trying to hold back a whimper.”Tamir is an awful man,how could he do such a thing?”I asked.I felt Altair shake his head softly.”It’s just how he is,cold and cruel.”Altair replied.”There’s no explaining it.”He added.”It makes me sick.”He commented.I could feel his grasp on me tighten.I could tell that he was mad about Tamir’s actions.Then a couple of guards came forward,probably to dispose of the man’s body but Tamir stopped them.”No.”He began.”Leave him.”He said and the guards backed away.He then turned to the crowd with his now crimson red blade still in his hand.”Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.Think twice before you tell me something cannot be done,now get back to work.”He said.Then the people of the crowd disbanded,leaving the old man where he layed,and continued on with what they were doing before as if everything that had just happened didn’t happen.Altair released me and sighed deeply.I wiped my eyes taking away the tears that formed and then felt Altair take a strong hold of my hand.”Are you ok?”He asked.I nodded.”I’m ok but…I just couldn’t hold the tears back at the sight of such cruelty.”I replied.He frowned and nodded.”Yes,I know how you feel…”He commented.I nodded and held his hand back.I always feel reassured when we hold hands like this,he always makes me feel better.”We should follow him before he gets too far ahead.”Altair said.”Right.”I said and so he led me through the crowd of people on Tamir’s trail,he stood next to me and blocked my view of the old man’s corpse as we carried on.As we followed we noticed he was talking with other merchants who looked at him with eyes of horror.”I can’t sell this!”Tamir snarled.”Melt it down and try again.If it comes out just as poorly,it will be YOU who will be melt down next!”He hissed.The merchants went wide eyed and nodded obediently and fearfully.”I don’t understand what you do all day,your stand is full of goods it should be your purses filled with coins.Why can’t you sell these things?It isn’t difficult.Maybe you aren’t trying hard enough,perhaps you require some…motivation.”Tamir said.The merchants nodded agreeing to every word Tamir said but soon noticed what they were agreeing to and quickly shook their heads ‘no’.Tamir scoffed and moved on with his business.Soon as he moved amongst the crowd his guards swirled around him.It appears as though the guards are staying behind as Tamir carried on striking fear into many other merchants.Altair guided me passed the guards casually and we carried on following Tamir.”You begged me for this position!Swore to me none could do as well as you.I should…”Tamir began but Altair interrupted him in mid sentence as we got right behind him and he let go of my hand slide his hidden blade out and drove it into Tamir’s neck.Tamir coughed as he began to go limp in Altair’s grasp.Altair looked over his shoulder and saw the merchant looking at him with eyes of shock.He stood there for a few seconds probably thinking about what he should do but then he turned around and went his own way.Altair took a good hold of Tamir and dragged him out of sight between two stalls and lied him down on the floor.”Be at peace.”Altair said.”You’ll pay for this Assassin.”Tamir hissed as blood dropped from his mouth and dripped on the floor.”You and all your kind.”Tamir added and shot me a sharp glare.I blinked and stood behind Altair.”It seems you’re the one that pays now my friend,you will not profit from suffering any longer.”Altair said as he blocked Tamir’s view on me.Tamir chuckled weakly.”You think me some death dealer?Suckling on the breast of war?A strange target don’t you think?Why me when so many others do the same?”Tamir asked.”You believe yourself different then?”Altair replied with his own question.”Oh but I am for I serve a much more noble cause than mere profit.Just like my brothers.”Tamir replied.”Brothers?”Altair asked.Tamir chuckled making more blood spur from the corners of his mouth.”Ah…but he thinks I act alone.I am merely a piece,a man with a part to play.You’ll come to the others soon enough.They won’t take kindly to what you’ve done.”Tamir replied.”Good I look forward to ending their lives as well.”Altair said.”Such pride,it will destroy you child,maybe even get to your little friend here and your brothers as well…”Tamir said and passed away.Altair shook his head.”I won’t let that happen.”He whispered.Then as he spoke I noticed the guards were approaching our position.”People have to die for things to change.”He said as he closed Tamir’s eyes.”Um…Altair I think we should get going,the guards are coming over here.”I said as Altair stood and faced me.”Let us leave then.”Altair said and took my hand and swiftly lead me away from the stalls.Soon we started to hear the guards screaming and yelling because of Tamir’s dead body found.As we left the alleyway though I thought we were clear but oh no I thought too soon.As Altair and I ran by my grip on his hand was lost and I ended up bumping right into a guard.I gulped as I looked up at him and he looked down at me.”An Assassin!”The guard called.I backed away from him as he drew his sword and approached me but before he could get to me Altair came and swiftly and cleanly stabbed the guard in the neck and pushed him aside.”Come on!”Altair said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him.”Altair!”I called as I began to hear heavy footsteps from behind us.”I think they’re following us!”I added.”Don’t worry,it’s going to be ok.”Altair said calmly as we made our way through the streets and other alleyways.Eventually after so much running we ended up on the top of a tall building with the guards at a good distance behind us.Altair released my hand and turned to look at me.”Kitsune hop on my back.”He said.I tilted my head slightly confused by his request but agreed to do so anyways.”Alright.”I said and got on his back holding onto him tightly.”Kitsune,do you trust me?”Altair asked as the footsteps began to get closer from the staircases behind us.”Of course I trust you,why do you ask?”I replied with a question of my own still clueless about what he had planned.Of course I trust Altair,I don’t think there is anybody else that I trust as much as I trust him.”Hold on really tight Kitsune.”Altair said and stepped closer to the edge of the roof.”What?”I asked but then I noticed what he was about to do.”Altair what are you doing?!”I asked nervously.”Don’t worry we’ll be ok.”Altair replied and did it.He leapt off of the tall building with me clutching onto him the best I could.I screamed in fear as we plummeted to the ground and to make matters worse,my grip on Altair slipped so I was alone freefalling to the ground below.”Altair!!!”I called out terrified.Altair turned around in midair so his back was facing the ground and he was facing me.He stretched out his arm towards me and reached for my hand.”Hold on!”He said as he grabbed my hand.I held his hand back firmly and he pulled me to him.He wrapped his arms around me and we fell with him holding me so close to his chest that I could hear his heartbeat.I closed my eyes tightly awaiting our landing as Altair held me tightly against him and soon we landed but it wasn’t the landing I was expecting.We landed deep in a pile of hay that was coincidently at the bottom of the building.That must be why he jumped.We ended up being covered by the hay so nobody could see us.”Kitsune,are you ok?”Altair asked as his grip on me relaxed.I opened my eyes and looked at Altair and nodded.”Y-Yeah I’m ok.”I replied with a bit of stammer in my speech.”What a fall.”I commented making him chuckle.”Yes indeed.”He said with a smile.I smiled back but then I noticed something.I looked at the two of us and blushed a dark red.Since I had slipped away from Altair and he had caught me like he did we ended up landing in this stack of hay with me on top of him and really close to him because of the hay that covered us.”I-I’m sorry!”I said shyly as I tried to get off of him but failed horribly and just ended up falling on him again.He blinked as if confused but then noticed what I was referring to.”Oh,it’s quite alright Kitsune.”He said with a chuckle which only made me blush more.”I’m just glad you’re ok.”He added with a kind smile.I managed up the courage to look at him in the eyes and smile back shyly.”Well we should get going before they find us.”Altair said and sat up in the hay making me sit on his lap.”Here I’ll help you out.”He said and grabbed me by my waist and got me out of the big cart the hay was in and back on the ground.I shook myself off and took out some hay from my hair and robes as he jumped out and did the same.”Let’s go.”Altair said and took a hold of my hand.I nodded and held his hand back and we began to sprint through the streets until eventually we were on our own with barely any other people around us.”So then where shall we go now?Back to the bureau?”I asked.”No,this time,we must go visit my master in Masyaf.”Altair replied as we began to slow down and walk at a more calm pace.”Your master?”I asked.”Yes,master Al Mualim.”

~End Of Chapter 7~

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