Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


2. Getting to know her

July 1,1187 

It has been five days since I had met Kitsune Visare and she doesn't seem like a threat to me.She's actually quite innocent.A little bit too innocent though.She should be more careful I've seen her being "picked on" by Templars.It disgusts me to see them do that but I've got to start thinking straight.I have to start thinking about the mission Master sent me on but it appears that I'll have some company on my journeys now.I don't have a very good feeling about this.I feel like she's going to get in trouble this means I've got to pay extra attention to her.I just hope she knows what the decision she's made brings for her. 

~Earlier That Day~ 

I've been having a good day so far.Nothing has gone wrong except for those stupid Templars always bothering me.Am I that weak?Do people enjoy picking on me?That's just not fair but oh well.I wondered the streets of the city eventually stopping by an alleyway's entrance.I turned my head to the entrance and smiled as the wind picked up.That's when I started thinking.What had happened to Altair?Did he leave the city?I sure hope not.I turned to look ahead and saw a group of Templars walking in my direction.I gulped and looked back at the alleyway.I'm going to hide there I don't want them to see me.So I went into the alleyway and hid in the farthest and darkest corner I could find.As the Templars passed I noticed the wall wasn't very hard,it actually felt warm and soft.I pressed my hands against it and noticed it was actually pretty firm kind of in a...muscular way.I looked down at my hand as I felt something.I took a hold of it and saw it was part of a cloak.I looked back up and saw a hooded face with an amused smile."Hello Kitsune."Altair greeted with a warm chuckle.I backed away from him with a blush of embarrassment across my cheeks."A-Altair?"I asked."Yes?"He asked as he got out of the dark corner."What are you doing creeping through alleys?"I replied with another question."Well I am an Assassin I can't let people see me creeping around the city now can I?"He replied."True."I said."What about you?What are you doing in an alley?"He asked as he leaned against the wall with his shoulder awaiting my response."Well Templars have been bugging me a lot lately and I just saw a group of them so I hid here so they wouldn't find me."I replied."I've noticed."He said with a low growl."What do you mean?"I asked."I've seen them ganging up on you in the streets."He replied."Oh."I said as I rubbed my arm."Well its no big deal."I said."No big deal?!What do you mean "no big deal"?!They bruised you!"Altair said angrily as he took my arm and saw a big bruise on it.I stayed silent and looked at his hooded face."I know but I can't really do anything about it."I said after a while of silence."Why do they bother you so much?"He asked as he let go of my arm and looked at me with sincere eyes.His eyes were a deep and mesmerizing brown."I don't know I suppose its because I'm new to the city and what not."I replied."Where did you come from?"He asked."Jerusalem originally but I've traveled a lot trying to get away from the violence."I replied."What about you?"I asked."I am from Syria."He replied."I have a couple of missions I have to take care of..."He added.I felt like he was avoiding something.Not telling me something about the missions but I didn't ask him about it."I have to take care of one of those missions here and then I'm leaving."He added."To where?"I asked."Damas."He replied.We both stayed quiet for a while and then I spoke up."W-Will you take me with you?"I asked."What?"He asked in a surprised tone."Will you take me with you?I need to keep moving,I need to leave this city soon.I know its probably a big burden but please take me with you."I replied."Kitsune I can't take you with me."He said."Why?"I asked."Because you want to avoid violence and I'll just bring it to you."He replied.I looked at him with pleading eyes."Please.Anything is better than being alone and I've been alone for so long...I know I want to avoid violence but I know what the Assassin's fight for and I agree with your cause."I said.He stayed quiet as he listened to me speak."You fight for freedom for humanity and I agree with that cause.I wanted to help that cause but I don't know how..."I added and then I went silent.I turned to look at the floor waiting for him to deny my request yet again."Ok."He said."O-Ok?"I asked not believing his response."Yes,I'll bring you with me but you must know now that the life of an Assassin is not simple or safe it is full of danger,are you absolutely sure you want to come with me?"Altair explained.I nodded."I know it won't be easy but I've got you to help me out along the way."I said.He smiled and nodded."Alright then we're gonna have to stick close because I have to complete a mission today and then we're leaving for Damas tomorrow."He said."If you don't mind me asking,what's the mission anyhow?"I asked."I must assassinate Garnier de Naplouse."He replied."You mean that doctor guy from the hospital?"I asked."Precisely."He replied.I shuddered at the thought."He creeps me out."I said."Do you know anything about him?"Altair asked."Only the rumors that he conducts experiments on his patients and that he scares me."I replied."Ah yes I've been hearing that a lot."He said as he placed his hand on his chin as if in deep thought."I have to infiltrate the hospital today."He said after moments of silence."Hop on my back."He said as he crouched down facing his back towards me.I hopped on and held on tightly to his torso awaiting the climb up."Where are we headed to the hospital?"I asked as we neared the top."No first I need to find a safe place to leave you while I complete the mission."He replied as he got to the top."What?No way!I wanna help you out!"I said with a pout."No I won't risk it."Altair said as he took a running start to the edge of the building.I went wide eyed and tightened my grasped on him making me place my cheek tightly against his cloaked back.He jumped and landed on the next building safely.I sighed in relief and opened my eyes."But I'll be fine!Plus wouldn't it look more natural to be hanging out with a girl around the city instead of creeping secretly by yourself?"I insisted."Yes but still."He said."Come Altair let me come I can help you out,aren't two heads better than one?"I said.He sighed and shook his head softly."I'm not going to win this am I?"He asked."No,no you're not."I replied as he jumped off another building to the next."You really are persistent."He commented."I know."I said with a giggle of amusement as he continued jumping from building to building skillfully.Looks like I'm going on a mission with an Assassin. 

~End Of Chapter 2~ 

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