Wait What? I'm a Father?

This is a story about a girl, name Alanna, and Louis getting married, having fun in life(and with the boys), and having a unexpected baby.


2. Hectic

Niall's POV


"Ok well I'll see you late-" I was cut off by the door.

" Ok well... off to Louis's" I said to myself.When I got to Louis's apartment, I opened the door and froze in my tracks. There were clothes everywhere and pieces of furniture tipped and upside down, and Harry sitting on the floor rocking back and forth looking panicked.

"Hey what happened here? It looks like a hurricane hit." I said, trying to joke around. It didn't work.

" Niall, I'm in big trouble, like bigger trouble then I have ever  been in ever!!!" He says in a panicked tone.

"Ok what is it?", I ask walking overt him and crouching to his level," Do you owe people some money? Cause I could lend you som-"


"Did you check your pockets?"I asked, a little panicked myself.

" Of course I did! I'm not stupid"

" Harry, did you check your left pocket, cause you tend to forget to check that pock-"

"Yes I did, here i'll check it again, but it's not in there-", He stopped talking and pulled a box out of his pocket," Hehe, found it" He said looking a little embarrassed.

I just rolled my eyes and got up to call louis to see where he was

"Well guess who's not being my best man" I mumbled to myself, which was apparently loud enough for Harry to hear.

"You're getting married?" He asked confused

" No not yet, you dumbo" I said as i dialled Louis phone number.

Ringing. Ringing .Rinnngginngg .Rrriiinnnnnggggiiiinnnnggg. Oh god Louis just pick up already.


"Hey Louis, where're you?"

"Just went to pick up Zayn and Liam"

" Ok, I'm here at your apartment with Harry, who apparently lost the rings" I said looking over to Harry who was giving me a death glare and whispered " You trader... You're dead to me"

"HE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!" Louis yelled through the phone.

"Don't worry we found them. It was in his left pocket"

"I'm going to kill him when I get back there" Louis said, sounding very annoyed with Harry.

After he said that I hung up on him.

" Ok Harry we need to clean this place up before Louis comes back" I said while placing the couch back where it belongs. Harry got up and started putting clothes back into the laundry basket.

We were just about done when Louis,Zayn,and Liam came running through the door and slamming it shut, locking all the locks, and pressing their backs against the door.

"Uh hey guys. why are you all out of breath?" I asked

"Oh you know, chasing elephants out of the park" Louis said sarcastically, " We were chased by fans."

"Oh..." I said

"Louis we need to get you into the bath and then go to the chaple" Liam said plugging his nose and scrunching his nose up in discust.

"NO! I dont like baths!" Louis said crossing his arms

"Louis stop being a child and get into the bath!" Harry said  while dragging Louis into the bath.

When Louis was all clean and ready to go in his tux, we climbed out the window, jumping on someones balcany, and jumping down to the ground and scrambling into the car. When we got to the chaple, there was a lot of choas going on. People running from table to table, the chef complaining about the short amount of time he has to make some pastery thing, and bridesmaids running around looking for shoes, makeup and other stuff.

"UGH this feels weird!!" Louis complained, " I don't like ties!!!"

"Deal with it!" Liam said fixing Louis bowtie.

" I want to see Alanna"

" You will when the wedding starts. It's bad luck to see your bride in her dress BEFORE the wedding" Liam said

"Pppfffttt that's a myth!" Louis said looking amused

"Many weddings have been ruined because the groom saw his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding." Harry said, as a matter of fact

" Thanks for the advice mate" Louis said sarcastically.

Suddenly we were inturrupted by a scream coming from a hallway.

" THAT'S ALANNA!!!!" Louis said as he started to run towards the hallway.All the bridesmaids started running towards her room which I guess is down that hall.

"Woah no you don't!" Harry said while he and Liam held him back


" Don't worry Louis, her bridesmaids will take care of everything" I said reassuringly

" Fine" He said, sitting down in a chair nearby.

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