Who's the daddy ?

Maddie Phillips is a normal girl , that is a normal directioner . Until she goes to their concert which changes everything


3. 3.

I got up at 9 . I took a long soothing shower , drank a protein shake , and went to the gym . I did cardio and left at 12 .

The concert was at 8 pm . I called Kelly and we met at our local deli . We ate and promised to meet up later before the concert .

I drove home and took a nap . I woke up at 4 pm I took a shower and dried my hair . I curled it in loose curls and added a silver bow on the back .

I put on some red matte lipstick and a black smokey eye . I added a bracelet and necklace . Kelly knocked on my door she looked flawless .

We we're ready by 7 . We drove to the arena and found our parking spot . We had a front row seat ! I hoped to get Harry's attention .

I noticed a girl with backstage passes I sighed , I wish I could get some . Me and Kelly sat down while 5sos played they rocked the show !

Then there they were , Niall , Louis , Liam , Zayn , and HARRY . they sang stole my heart . I started crying . They rocked !

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