Who's the daddy ?

Maddie Phillips is a normal girl , that is a normal directioner . Until she goes to their concert which changes everything


2. 2.

" One direction tickets !" my dad yelled . I screamed with joy and I couldn't contain my happiness . I was gonna see 1D !!!!

I looked at the tickets I had 2 I was gonna take my bestfriend Kelly . We were gonna see them next weekend. !! .

•••••••• 1 day before concert ••••••••

I called Kelly . "Hey let's go shopping for the concert outfit ." I said . she agreed and we went to the mall .

I picked out a white shirt that had Harry's tattoo prints on it and a black skirt with some black vans . Kelly picked out a " Crazy mofo " shirt with some cross leggings and some gold flats .

We went home and couldn't sleep , we were gonna see 1d tomorrow .

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