Who's the daddy ?

Maddie Phillips is a normal girl , that is a normal directioner . Until she goes to their concert which changes everything


1. 1.

" Maddie , get up it's Christmas !" my little sister Marie yelled while jumping on my bed . " Alright alright little one I'm up !" I said getting up .

We both ran down stairs and reached our Christmas tree , filled with green and red striped boxes filled with things waiting to be opened .

" Good-morning girls ." my dad said coming from the kitchen with a coffee mug in one hand and a envelope in the other .

As soon as my brother Mark came down . We all started opening our presents . Marie got a doll and a doll house .

Mark got a guitar and a few CDs . I noticed I only had one gift under the tree normally we all get at least 2 . What's going on here ?

" Madison , we have one more gift for you , you've been extra good in school and overall so we bought you ...."

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