Your in LOVE with me?

18 year old Keera is bullied everyday at school.Her bullies are five guys. Louis,Liam,Zayn,Harry and Niall. In the inside Niall and Harry love her but they keep there feelings to them selves. they want to keep there friends! Harry tells her but she doesn't believe him but Niall thinks she does!! Who do think will get the girl? Karry or Kiall?


2. The bullies

As I was walking towards my first class Zayn came up and stop I went to turn around and Louis was there. So I couldn't move. They pulled me into the boys bath room and got tuck tape and put it on my mouth. Then they put my hands on the door and duck taped them 2. I was standing up so I tryed kicking them that's when Harry grabbed my leg as hard as I struggle it was no use so I just gave up. They duck taped my knees to the the door. Then Niall punch my right eye and said somebody was a bad girl. Then Zayn put his hand down my pants and started rubbing my area. I was scared and could do nothing so I squeezed my eyes shut.

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