Your in LOVE with me?

18 year old Keera is bullied everyday at school.Her bullies are five guys. Louis,Liam,Zayn,Harry and Niall. In the inside Niall and Harry love her but they keep there feelings to them selves. they want to keep there friends! Harry tells her but she doesn't believe him but Niall thinks she does!! Who do think will get the girl? Karry or Kiall?


1. Keeras Pov

Okay I'm 18. Tall, with dark red hair. It's natural just so you know.I go to Westville High School.


I was awaken from my sleep from my stupid alarm clock. So I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I put my towel on the towel rack and got undressed. The hot steaming water felt good  on my skin. The water cleared some of the blood from yesterday. My mom doesn't know I get bullied mentally and physically. When I got out of the shower I went to my closet to pick out my clothes. I picked a black t-shirt that said strong in neon green. I'm not that strong though!! And I put on some  black skinny jeans with white splatter paint on them. With a pair of my Jordans. I ran down stairs and grabbed my usual breakfast. A muffin with a smoothie. Oh I forgot to mention, I'm anerexic because every one calls me fat! I grabbed my keys and got in the car and started the car. (skip car ride)I park in the parking lot next to the school because my car would get smashed if I didn't. So as soon as I put a foot on school grounds I get called names. Khaly said look I'm still surprised this bitch comes to school. Her boyfriend Dylan said I'm am two I thought by now she would go to her mommy crying and tuck her in to bed with her thumb in her mouth. He said it in his baby voice which made everyone laugh. I slip on my blue and white football hoodie and put on the hood. I walked as quick as possible to my locker. I only had one friend her name is Kayla. She asked if I wanted to hang with her tonight I said sure. She dosnt ask about the bullying any more because she knows she won't get anything out of me. I opened my locker and got my stuff for school.

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