Came back


4. the boys

Harry's POV:

I called Niall and the boys this morning when I woke up.N-Niall,Z-Zayn,Li-Liam,Lou-Louis

H: Hey Niall mate u and the boys wanna come over to London for a week or two.

N-sure,watcha need lad

Lou-Niall who's on the phone!



H-Hey mates

Lou-u alright Lad,u need anything?

H-Nope I'm perfectly fine, but Chloe's roommate,Nikki would make a great catch for U and Nialler,Louis

N &Lou-Sweet

H-come by anytime,I'll text u the address!Bye!

All: Bye Hazza!

-------------------------------8 hours later------------------------------

Me and Chloe were on the couch and Nikki was in the shower,I think. The doorbell rung,the guys were here."I'll get it"I said opening the door to the boys and a hungry Niall eating bread sticks.

"Chloe,these are my mates.Thats Liam,Zayn, Louis,and Niall"I said and Liam shook her hand but Zayn and Louis gave her a group hug.Niall sat down munching on his bread sticks.

"Do u want one,chloe?"Niall said handing her one.

"aww thank u,but I'm not really hungry right now"She said sweetly."well he must like u,Niall never gives anyone his food.Like ever.He bits if u try."I said In a seriousness knowing that Niall is never dangerous when it comes to food.

"Hey Chlo, where'd u put the conditioner...I'm sorry I didn't know we had company.Im Nicole,but people call me Nikki" she came out in only a towel and wet hair."In the cabinet under the sink"Chloe responded but Nikki's eyes never let Niall's.

I knew they were gonna like each other.

"Hey Chlo,can u come outside with me for a sec"I said so that Niall and Nikki could have some time together.The rest of the lads found there way to the kitchen or the tv.

"Yea sure"Chloe replied following me outside.I got outside and got 2 chairs.

"Well it looks like Niall and Nikki are really hitting it off over there"she said trying to make small talk."yea..."I said slowly and we sat in silence for a while.

"Why didn't u call or come to visit???"She said.I loved her.I hurt me to call her because I knew if I went back It wouldn't do anything,she didn't love me back.It was no use coming back she didn't need me.

"I thought you didn't need me anymore.Maybe you had forgotten me..." I said low.

"Why-why would you ever think I didn't need you?u were,I mean you ARE my best friend.Ill always need u"she said showing her beautiful smile.

I gave her a hug."come with me"I said pulling her up and wrapping a towl around her eyes and walking her to somewhere I knew she would love.

"Ok wait........Now,you can take it off!" I yelled excitedly."what did u do...."she said recognizing where I had taken her.

It was our old tree in the middle of a park near my old house.We had so many memory's there."Harry,u remember when we were little and we would come here almost every day after school"she said looking into my eyes.She grabbed my hand and pulled me to climb up to the spot we would always go on a branch

"I missed it here"I said looking towards her.She was so pretty.Her eyes met mine."I misses you.."I said leaning closer to her.Then her phone rang."Sorry,Nikki texted me.I should probably get going but I'll meet you at the house,K?"she said climbing down.

"K"I said faking a smile.So close.What if she actually did love me back?Could it change anything?


Nikki was really pretty.Like REALLY pretty.I think I really like her.The girl could eat like a man!not many girls can do that.I found it adorable.

Most girls are shy and don't even wanna eat anything around a guy.She was different.And I love that about her.

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