Came back


3. maybe she loves me back

"AHHHHH OH MY GOD Harry!!" I yelled and jumping on him and hugged him. He was back,he remembered me.

"Ur back.."I mumbled hugging him tighter."yea I'm back love"he replied.

"But how,why?"I asked pulling away from the hug.

"Well we got 2 months before the next tour,and I missed u, so I told the guys to go on to Miami without me. Cause I had to go visit my best friend" He said messing up my hair when he finished.

"Hey Chloe,who's at the door?"Nikki said walking over to us."Nikki this is Harry, Harry this is my roommate Nikki" I introduced them.

"So that's the Harry u talked about?" Nikki said.Man I'm gonna get her for that!



Sorry if I don't update soon, my jerk EX boyfriend just dumped me.I'll try and update as soon as I can though



Harry's POV:

She talked about me.Maybe she loves me like I love her.Ive always had this feeling inside me towards Chloe but I didn't wanna mess up our friendship if she loved me back.

I heard a knock at the door and that Nikki girl ran to the door yelling "Hand me the money,pizza pizza pizza!"

"She reminds me of a mix of Niall and Louis"I said to Chloe sitting next to her."Really how?"She said smiling at me.

"She seems to have quite a liking for food like Niall and she looks to have Lou's weirdness too"I replied laughing.

Nikki came back and put the pizza on the table.She got a plate put it in the middle of the table and placed 5 pizzas on the plate."those are for u two,I'll be in my room eating the rest of this box!" She said taking the box and running away before anyone could say anything.

"So how's everything been?"Chloe said grabbing a pizza and biting into it."Good my mates and I just finished our album Midnight Memories,how bout u love?"

"Good,I'm starting college in like 3 months" she answered

The room stayed quite for a while.No one said anything.Just silence.Then she said"so u got anywhere to stay while ur here,Hazza." I had forgotten about things like that."No, I was thinking of staying in a hotel.." I trailed off

"Nonsense u can stay with me and Nikki,I don't think she'll mind."she said smiled hugging me with one arm then grabbing the empty plate and walking into the kitchen to put it in the dishwasher."U don't have to that Chlo" I replied

"Oh yes I do,we're still best friends,and I bet if we were opposite positions u would do the same and tell me to make myself at home" She said messing up my hair.

"Thx love"I say kissing her on the cheek.

Chloe's POV:

Harry just kissed my cheek.He is staying with me and Nikki. I have always love Harry so much.More than just a best friend, but now he's famous, why would he ever love a nobody like me.

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