Came back


2. Going to her

Harry's POV:

Chloe.She was I thought about since XFacter. I love every second of being in One Direction with my mates but Chloe has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

Me and the lads had just found out we have 2 months vacation before the next tour."YES!!"Niall yelled jumping around the room."Where we gonna go mates"Liam said trying to calm Niall down.

"I say we go to Miami Beach!Get some tanning and such done"Lou replied

"Well guys,would it be ok it be ok if I didn't go with u to Miami.I really need to go visit a friend of mine"I whispered rubbing the back of my head."Yea sure man,who u gonna see?"Zayn said coming over to me and patting my back.

"U guys remember when I told u about Chloe right?"I answered getting kinda excited.

"ohhhh"they all said in union."well if u need anything,just call us and we'll come over"Niall started packing his bags

I'm finally gonna see Chloe again.Wait what if she doesn't remember me.Well that's stupid,I'm famous she would have to have been locked up not to remember me,right?

We start packing and I get in a plane to England.I have to come up with some sort of surprise or something.I can't just show up at her house like "I'm back".Wait a second,I changed my phone a couple of months ago,meaning she doesn't have my number.

Chloe's POV:

I just got out of the shower."Chloe!What are we gonna eat?im starved!" Nikki, my roommate yelled from the living room.

"How about I just order some pizza?" I replied walking in to a hungry Nikki stuffing her face with Doritos."This is sad,just sad" I continued

"What?" Nikki said still chewing."U eat like u haven't eaten in day,slow down with the chips" I said laughing.

I heard my phone vibrate.I got a text.

Unknown number:

Open the front door;)

That's weird.Might as well,I have nothing else to do but watch Nikki eat all our food.


I have the best idea ever!Shes gonna be so surprised!

Man how I miss her,I wanna see her beautiful face,blonde hair,green eyes,I wanna see my Chloe.We were like best buds when we were little, but I never had the guts to tell her that I loved her.

Chloe's POV:

I open the door

"Hey princess" Harry. He was here.He's back.

" H-Harry?"I say trying to take it all in.It was him.

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