Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


1. prologue :))

Farah's p.o.v :

Shit,shit,shit,shit I'm late .. Now I'm running all around my room to get ready,guess what I'm late! No not for school,for my flight. Anyway I'm ready annnnd finally in the car.

Oh sorry I was to busy jumping around that I forgot to introduce my self, my name is Farah macgaret and I'm Egyptian tada ... Anyway I'm 16 and I'm on my way to the airport because I'm an exchange student and I'm traveling to the USA and yeah it's exciting for me especially that it will give me a break from my current life,we reached the air port and I said bye to my mom .

Did I mention that she was crying ? Well if that's the old goody two shoes me I would be crying because she is crying but guess what I'm not that girl anymore .. Anyway I pushed all the thoughts about my past aside when a man asked to take my bags so he can look throw them just for safety then when I'm done with everything I went to the plane found my seat then sat down.

Oh my gosh the ride is so boring and I'm sitting next to a woman that won't stop smiling,she is not even smily she had that toothy grin while staring at me like dang look infront of you lady before I make you loose that yellow teeth of yours .

Maybe I should sleep for an hour or so .

Few hours later ....

Wake up,miss,miss please wake up we reached our destination,I opened my eyes then looked around couple of times,most if them was out of the plane so I stood up then went out of the plane ,after I took my bags I started to look for my foster parents who should be picking me up.

Ahh hey they are they must be the good looking but mid aged couple who is holding ma name on a big paper hahaha

I went to them then introduced myself the said hi the lady hugged me and the man just gave me a firm handshake,I went with them to the car and when we finally reached the house they showed me around and they are amazingly nice,I learned that their names are Marya and josh Collin.

They have a fifteen years old daughter named Tess she is the one showed me around and they have an 8 years old boy named Jacob and a little baby boy and a girl both are 3 they are twins and their names are traves and Tina .but they are currently taking a nap or maybe sleeping till morning who knows ? .

My room was plain white,they said I can decorate it myself,did I mention the house was awesome and huge and my room was huge to with a bathroom and a huge walk in closet with a big mirror with spotlights around it in it , it is just great .

I started to unpack,it took me 4 hours to be done but I'm done just in time for dinner and that's good cause I'm so damn hungry .

After we ate ,the food was delicious by the way,mr and mrs Collin asked me to come to the living room because they wanted to tell me something before I go to sleep .

When I sat down infront if them they told me that I should go sleep because the first day if school is tomorrow and it's already 10:39 and that they will tell me all abuof their rules tomorrow after school and they handed me an American number to put in my iphone so I did so then they told me that when they call me I should pick up immediately and blah blah blah I stopped listening 3 minutes ago anyway after -0 minutes if talking they told me good night and that I should call them by their name or mom and dad which I will go with their names for now .

I called it a night a changed to my pjs and tucked my self under the covers and drifted to sleep while hearing my favorite songs on my bb which is my other phone .

Let's wish tomorrow is good ....


Hi everyone I wish u like it sorry if it's short but it's just a prologue ;)) xxxx

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