Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


8. phone number

I opened my eyes,crawled out of bed and got ready for another boring day.

I went to the bathroom,showered and done my usual morning routine.

I didn't feel like spending 15 minutes of choosing what to wear today.

That's why I decided on my faded light blue ripped skinny jeans,black tight tank top that said fuck off in white italic letters,my black leather studded jacket,army black boots and I applied cherry red lipstick then covered it with transparent lipgloss so it would shine,i applied some black mascara and eyeliner then I wore my black ray bans as usual.

I said goodbye to everyone while I jogged to my car,after I was in the car I took the perfume bottle from the back seat and sprayed some,let's just say I also used its lotion earlier and I always use that perfume since I was 10 that's why I always smell like sugar and vanilla.

I didn't eat because I don't eat till 9 am that's when u start to feel hungry,before that I never feel hungry.

I took off my jacket and threw it in the passenger set because u can't move well while wearing a jacking or a coat.

Maybe drink something and that's it.

I sped down the rode till I reached the hell hole.

I grabbed my jacket and in a sec I was out if the car and I stared walking towards the entrance when I remembered I didn't lock so I locked it not even bothering to look at it,I just feel dull and lazy today.

I walked threw the hallway hearing people whispering stuff about me,some are right and some are completely wrong.

But who cares I reached my locker,dumbed my bag in it then took the math books for the advanced geometry class.

I went to the class room 4 minutes late.

Once I entered the class room the whole class stared at me.

Me-WHAT did I grow another damn head ??

Mrbickham - language young lady and take those sunglasses off.


I don't usually act like this but i feel awful,probably I'm getting sick.

I sat down bit my eyes locked with the one and only Jason maCcan and he had a look of amusement on his face.

Potato,tomato,oh tomato,i want to eat tomatoes,or better! cherry tomatoes,ohh.

What the hell am I thinking ?????

I think I'm going nuts.

Anyway I'm so bothered by the danger dude.

What was his name ?.. Yes! Jason maCcan !

Whatever,he is just so ugh,he is so whatever.

I think he would still be annoying if he is just breathing.

Even his breath is arrogant,like the arrogant asshole,son of a bitch he is,I probably sound so stupid now but the dude is freakish bipolar...."mrs gray"

I think I'm the only gray in the school.

"Mrs gray" mr.beckham said again.

I replied with a simple yes.

"Are you focused?" he asked angrily.

I nodded.while I actually didn't hear a word.

"Really them what us the measure cd,bc,al and prove that circle M equals circle Q" he said fast to make it more complicated.

I heard the whole class snicker while some mumbled 'stupid' or 'she looks good but she is air headed' ugh the last thing I need us them.

Jason was trying to hold his laugh too.

I looked at the board and hell,that's just so freaking EASY!!!

I solved it easily.smoothly and fast too.

When I was done and the teacher said its correct.

I sat back down and glanced around me,the class is stunned.

Some had their jaws open.good.

After that the day went pretty fast.

And before I realize it,it was lunch Time.

I sat drinking my juice while this skinny gray eyed boy with the huge glasses came toward me dumpling with the stack if books he was holding. I think his name is Landon.he takes science class with me.


Me-hey Landon.

Landon-you kn...know m..m.my n...nn..name?


Landon-i..just..jj.jjuust wanted to ask you if you want to go out on Friday.

Me-of course.

He smiled then walked away.

Danger only took one class with me because he is older than me and he is done with high school but he just failed geometry,that's why he didn't graduate but he is 4 years older than me.

He got held back a year while I skipped a year and we have 2 years difference between us.

After that nothing special happened.

After the bell rang indicating the end if the school day,i dumped my books I'm my locker but took two with me in order to do the homework.

But when I was about to get out of the school door's,someone's hand held my wrist.i looked back and it was danger.



He let go off my hand.

J-do you mind if I get your number.

I've gotta tell,i did NOT expect this one but somehow I snapped pit of my daze and nodded yes.

He gave me his phone and I wrote my number and gave it to him to save it with the name he wants.

He gave me a once over mumbling a good bye while he walked away till he disappeared out of my eye sight while I stood there for few minutes doing nothing but replying what happened two minutes ago.

After good 5 minutes of staring into space I walked out if the school then sped down the rode,hearing the engine roar.

I arrived home,parked my car,then went In,said hi to everyone.

Maria prepared spaghetti for us to day which I absolutely love,and that's a good thing because Maria cooks spaghetti ALOT.

We sat down while we ate.

When Marya started talking to me.

Marya-Farrah,are you okay? You know,about the drama that went yesterday...

Me-yes I'm fine,i'm used to it,dont worry about it .

It was unknown number which caught my eyes,i started reading the text and u soon realized it's from ........


Who do you think sent the text ?


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I'd you reach the goal I update immediately and if you double the goal I double update,thats my rule in all of my stories,and read my other stories,one of them is a jb fanfic where he is a gardener and she ya a business woman..uwould they develop feelings ? It's called your hired, enjoy cupcakes and stat swaggy !!



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