Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


7. memories

"sweetie hear him after all he is ..................."


"Sweetie hear him after all he is your father!"

"Yes I am and you have to listen to me before I get angry myself " he said raising his voice slightly.

By now the whole house is watching.

"What do you mean? you are my father but not my dad and we..." I said pointing between us,"have nothing to talk about" I completed.

After that he said some curse words under his breath in Spanish because we as a family know Spanish.

"You have to listen to me or else" he said while glaring at me.

"Or else?" I scoffed,"or else what father?"

"I swear that's not the end I'll come back soon to get you,you came to this country with out telling me and I WILL take you back" he said then he went out slamming the door.

"Well,that was dramatic" Maria sighed.

I nodded,"i'll be in my room and please don't knock for a while" I muttered then I fast walked upstairs.

When I heard my door do the click sound indicating it's locked I leaned my back against the door and fell slowly to the floor.

I was fighting,fighting my memories that I want to forget so badly but I can't no matter what did,and seeing him freshened every single memory that cause my heart to be bruised.

I just can't take all the pain,i've been stabbed in the back by everyone I trusted,even the one I tried my best to protect.

That why I came hear from the first place,to run from everything.

The pain in side of me is to much that it's un bearable.

I stood up and went to the bathroom searching for the thing I dread the most.

And finally my eyes caught a glimpse of a shiny silver heaven,the best pain reliever ever.

I held the blade in my palm,starring at it.

I haven't held it for a whole now,maybe a year,hmm time to catch up what we missed my little heaven.

I sliced my wrist 3 times.then I felt guilt,guilt of doing this to myself,if he was here he wouldn't want me to do this.

He sent him away.

He kicked him out and I need him back.

My brother.

My mom had a triplet before me.

The triplet are my big brothers,john,jack and James.

Them after 5 years she had arura,2 years later she had me.

We were the happiest family,we were a lot,arura was the popular cheerleader type and I've always been jealous from her crystal blue eyes and her blonde curls,she can win a beauty queen award easily while me on the other hand the girl with brownish golden locks and honey eyes.

Jack,John and James looked completely different they were known as the different triplets who always hang out together. and they were hot,that Some people tried to be friends with so they can come over and talk to one of my brothers.

Jack has blonde hair,blue eyes like arura and of course a fit muscular body,james is the opposite he has black soft hair,softer than mine.

I smiled when I remembered that he always teased me that my hair is wavy and his is totally soft and straight.

And if course the muscular body with his pale skin,on the other hand there is john who didn't get the looks,because he looked the same as me.

His golden brownish locks is always held As a quiff on top of his head,he is naturally tanned just like me and we have the same honey eyes too.

But of course he has a muscular body too.

But the most I liked about john is his eyes,they are the same honey color as me but his are wide open and big that you can melt in them because they looked like baby's eyes. he is the kindest person you can meet in your whole life.

All of my brothers are close to me,even the drama queen that is called my sister,oh how much I love that bitch.

But John is or was my other half,if he fell and cut his hand I can feel the pain,i loved him and I'll always love him more than anything wether he is alive or not.

I don't knows if he is alive or not,thanks to father of course.

He kicked him out.

Infront of me,i should've went with him.

After john was gone the whole family started to break,everyone was in grief.

And what hurt us the most that my mum didn't object.

All of that because they know fe smoked weed.

I knew that since the first day because he told me bit I helped him to stop and he did!

But when father find out he didn't believe the fact that he stopped so he threw him out and threw 10 grands at him which of course john didn't take because he had pride.

His pride was the most important to him.

All of this happened 3 years ago.

I had depression but I got better when I received an email from him on my birthday.

I didn't believe or so I told him to call me and he did that's why I got better and got out of the depression state.

He told me fe travelled to here that's why I chose here specifically,i came here on the hope of finding him.

I just miss him so much and I can't wait till my birthday.

Because he promised he will call me every birthday of mine.

And I have to tell you when he calls I keep talking and listening to him for hours and hours and hours with out being bored.

My phone suddenly beeped pulling me out of my trance.

I snapped out of my thoughts and washed my face,cleaned my wounds and layed down while I watched TV.

Let's wish tomorrow is a good day.


I'm so sorry for the late update but that's why you get double update and love u

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