Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


4. in the rain ...

Jason's pov :

That girl ... That girl got my full attention ... And I'm not stopping till I get her.

I can't believe i'm sitting with my best friends .. Henry and jack but I'm still thinking about HER . And only HER .

Henry-dude,snap out of it !!

Jack-yeah man,you've staring like that for 6 hours .. Are you okay?

Jason-yeah I'm fine,just tired ..

Henry-better skip school and take a rest because we have work tonight

Jason-fuck,I forgot about tonight

Jack-yup you surely need rest because you never forget work

Henry-and Jason you are the best one to know that it takes only one mistake for someone to die in this job

Jason-I know guys. ... I'm just gonna skip school to go rest .

Henry and jack - okay

Fuck what's wrong with me? I never forget work .. Plus what am I doing I'm throwing my life away for a girl because Henry and jack are right ,one mistake and you and your gang are down .

And the farah girl better be scared and take a step back .

Farrah's pov:

That Jason guy... He is an asshole but gotta admit the guy got the looks ...well actually he is HOT .. Yup Farah macgaret admits that Jason maccan is HOT.

But guess what maccan ?hot is not enough plus yeah I break rules but maccan is way way WAY dangerous than me and he is heartless I think .

I don't believe what people say because mostly it's crap but if it's true then I SHOULD be scared if maccan .

I've heard he killed more than 50 people .

Anyway,I'm not afraid and I won't be so he better take a step back .

After 3 hours ...

What's that shit ? First day of school and we took ALOT of homework,those little cunts we have as teachers,what they are thinking by giving us all this shit ??!!

Ugh,I'm finally done and it's 8 pm awesome , I guess I'll go for a walk ..

Marya-where are u going ?


Marya-out where ?

Me -out for a walk mary

Marya - don't call me that .

Me-okay 'Marya' *i quoted with my fingers ,she gave me a glare followed by a nod so I took this as my sign and went out.

I was jogging around for 15 minutes so I decided to turn around to go back home .

After 2 minutes of my way back home it started raining .great.fucking great , could it get any worse ??!!

Oh my gosh the rain got heavier ,I'm sorry I was wrong it can get worse because I guess I hear thunder while u still have to walk for 15 minutes while I can't see anything cause it's raining so heavy and somehow fog appeared .ugh.

Is that a car ? Why it's slowing down ? Oh I saw this in movies ,where the girl is walking at night in the rain and a car stops and the killers comes our and rapes her then kill her...

Calm down farah that won't happen .

But I'm to scared of storms .

The car kept slowing down and then it stopped I tried to walk faster but failed because in too cold.

A person came out of the car and came my way.

Oh gosh , it's maccan , can it get any wor... No I won't say that again god ,lesson learned .

Jason's pov :

I was going around with my car to get new shirts and stuff from the mall when I saw a shadow ,it's a girl, well to bad she have to walk because I don't care.... Wait a arc is that Farrah macgaret?

Yes she is I'm positive .

I can't leave her like that .. The little voice in my head said

No I'm leaving I don't care .

No u won't go , and u care

Oh my gosh I think I lost my mind because that girl got me talking to myself .

I found my self stopping , I swear I'm turning to a softie ,fuck my life.

Jason-farrah,come here you r gonna get sick if not you will be grilled thanks to the lightening .

Farrah-no Thank you

Jason - it's not a right time to be stubborn

Farrah - go away

Her back was turned to me and she started walking but she was shivering for gods sake

I went to her grabbed her by the waist slung her over my shoulder and walked to my car I seated get in the passenger seat then jogged to the driver side .

Farrah's pov:

I'm kinda of thankful that he insisted on taking me home

I have him the address but after 10 minutes I figured we are not going home. And it seams I won't be back home anytime soon

I looked around and found my self in he middle of.....

___\___________{ A/N} _______\____

Cliff hanger and I'll update soon

I would like to thank my friend @chronicformahone for making the new cover I love it

Stay swaggy


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