Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


5. his house? No WAY !!!

Farrah's pov:

What the fuck....

Me -"Jason Derek maCcan what are we doing in the mall's parking lot ?, I simply asked you to take me home "

Jason- well I was going to the mall to get my shirts and I'm not going anywhere without them plus you are a girl .u can help choose cool ones.

Me-you shouldn't have taken me with you then and yes I'm a girl no shit Sherlock *rolled my eyes*

Jason - listen bitch I have 3 things to tell you .. One,you should be grateful slut , two, shut the fuck up and don't try to talk back smartly to me or you won't have a head to contain a mouth to speak with and three , if you EVer roll your eyes at me again I swear to god I will remove them from their sockets , got me ? *punshed the. Steering wheel hard while he shouted *

As much I hate to admit it but I was about to shit my pants because I believed everything he said and I felt tears blur my vision but I kept blinking,no way I'm crying infront of him.

We just sat their in silence but my vision is still blur, he opened his car door and got out and came and opened my door then he dragged me from my hand hard so I screamed because it hurts too fucking much .

Jason- don't . scream . SLUT .

I just rolled my eyes ....oops

Jason - rolling your eyes ...again ?

Me- I . will . do . what . I . want ( I mimicked his was of talking earlier)

Jason -we'll see about that

Me-fuck u Jason maccan you are a complete asshole and about me being a 'slut' yeah right because I sleep with every girl I see *wink *

though I was scared a little now but some how courage built inside of me now but it des appears as fast as it came when I saw that his eyes turned black and he dragged me back to the car then he started to drive to a deserted road .......

Where the hell is he taking me ?

Jason's pov :

That bitch needs to be teached a lesson , I swear that If she was anybody else she would be six feet under the ground,i don't know why I can't do that to her, why I can't just punch her to make her know that she can't cross the line again !!

I just can't do it but I don't know why !!

'Maybe because she is too beautiful to have a bruise of her face ?' the little voice at the very very very back if my head said .

What I am saying ? I mean thinking ?

Fuck my life now I am talking to myself ,gosh .

Anyway I think I will take her to my house because she NEED to be scared .

'But does that what you want ? do you really want her to be scared of you ? not like you ? isn't that what you feel ? that you like her?' that stupid voice said again

But no I don't like her and nop I am positive i want her to be scared but why not fuck her in the process if I can cause she is smokin' hot you know but nop I don't like her hahahah that must be a joke .

She is just so annoying , she is annoying me like the sun annoys the vampire .... Ugh I can't explain it but she is just so annoying ugh!!!!

And again I am going nuts because I'm talking to my self

We almost reached my house.


Farrah's pov:

The car stopped but I don't know where are we but we went in the mansion's garage and it the mansion is huge and it's beautiful and their is some trees and roses out side in the front porch... just WOW I thought that someone like Jason would be living in a messy apartment but damn this mansion is PERFECT !!!!!

But because of the huge gardens I guess no one would ever hear me scream .

Now I feel myself sweating and my stomach is turning because truth is I'm officially scared .

He got out of the car and opened my door . No way in hell I'm getting out of the car I don't want to die... Well most of the time , not this way anyway .

Jason- get out

Me - no , drive me home maccan

Jason - no can do babe.

Me - don't call me that and no I'm not getting out . period .

Jason-GET OUT Useless bitch

Me- n n n No oo. * I stuttered *

Perfect now he 100% knows I'm scared .

Jason - are you scared? * he smirked*

I am

Me- nop not even a tiny bit * I smirked*

Lie .

Jason- GET . OUT. NOW !!!

Me- make me .

Jason- I swear I WIll so get out the easy way ... Or else I'll do it myself but I won't do it nicely .

I was about to shit my pants and that made me more scared to go in the MANSIoN alone with him , cause he is much stronger .

Me- NO * I crossed my arms *

But he did something I didn't expect him to do he dragged me from my hair all the way to the door and let me tell you it hurts like hell .

I screamed , tossed and turned and tried beating him as hard as I can but my position didn't help ...

We entered the house while he still dragging me and I'm still screaming

He let me go when he heard some one saying

"What .........


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