Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


2. first day

FARAH's p.o.v :


Ugh,stupid alarm,wait a sec I don't have an alarm , I opened my eyes to see a purple alarm,despite it's annoying,it's glittery purple which is cool but it won't shut up,what the heel how to turn this thing off?!, I don't know what's wrong with that ... Oh my god oh my god,I'm late it's 8:30 I should be ready now,but u can't turn of the piece of good looking shit .

I ran downstairs and found tess infront of me

Me- Tess turn it off

Tess- good morning to you to

Me- sorry it's just I'm late and it won't shut the fuck up

Tess- okay *laughing*

It's finally off ahh

Marya-language and what are u doing farah ?

Josh-more like what are you wearing?

Me-umm pjs duh

Both of them -yes we know we mean you are late

Me-fuck I'm late *while I ran upstairs *

Marya yelled language if you want to keep your phone

Dang,first day and she is already threatening to take my phone !!

I took a very quick shower and blow dryer my hair then I picked the outfit which is light blue jeans short shorts with couple of studs and a black long sleeve shirt that had Dope written on it with white bold color and to finish the look I putted on a red snap back with the word dope on it in black and of course my high neck red supras and for the make up just eyeliner and lipgloss and if course mascara and that's it .

I took my back bag which is made from the galaxy fabric it was purplish ya know and went down stairs,but I found no Tess ..

Just the babies,they are so cut I kissed both on the check the shouted Tess then Marya came to me .

Marya -it's 9 am Tess went to school 10 minutes ago

Me-what ? I will walk to school ?!

Marya-no sweetie we have an extra car for you it was my sons but he went to Canada for college last year

Me-oh thank you very much

Marya handed me the keys which had an amazing purple gold ,silver and blue little balls and the word welcome hanging from the key chain

I opened the garage door to find a white Ferrari infront of me with tinted windows and purple leather seats from the inside

Am I dreaming this is awesome that I want to sleep in it .

I went in the car and listened to it roar to life then I putted my black classic ray ban shades on and went on my way to hell hole

After i reached the school,no I did not get lost because Marya was awesome that she putted the location which is 4 blocks away on my gps,ehm I mean Ferrari GPS I'm so happy in my country you are not even allowed to drive until you are 18.

I found no signs that said if their a parking for seniors,juniors and so ,so I just Parked really near to the school door .

When I got down I locked it and walked to the school's gate but Apparently their is a bitch who had another plans .

Someone parked a shiny fisker right next to my car and came out of it a very hot boy but some girl with a bug pink Volkswagen was about to park beside him till she saw my car so she got out and came my way ,the hot boy told her "stop Chelsea but she cam into my way and stood infront of me glaring .

Me-can I help you ?

Chelsea-yes you can help me by moving your ugly Ass to your car and park it somewhere else

Me-and why would I do that bitch?

By now the hot boy is watching in amusement with a smirk on his face .

Chelsea-because I said so

Me-Farah have no master,farah is a free girl

Chelsea-I'm sorry ??!!

Me-apology not accepted slut

Chelsea-excuse me??!

Me-you are excused winked*

And Chelsea ?

Chelsea - want something bitch?

Me-yes,I'll park where ever I want and I will do any shit I want to do.. Got it slut ?

She was too stunned that she didn't reply so I putted my rayban shades back on and walked into the school like the dope queen I am

I felt myself being pinned to the lockers and the one holding me said

??: hey,I'm Jason,Jason maccan ,what's your name ?

I replied with out thinking and said .....


I'm a bitch for doing this to you but yeah it was some how kinda. Long chapter .. Who am I kidding it's so short and I'm sorry about that and expect more of maccan next chapter

And I'm updating soon if you liked and commented

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Stay swaggy


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