Danger babe

Danger is his name,he is good at his game,being dangerous is his fame,he is Jason Meccan......


3. first day drama part 2


I felt myself being pinned to the lockers and the one holding me said

??: hey,I'm Jason,Jason maccan ,what's your name ?

I replied with out thinking and said .....


Me-I didn't ask for it


Me-you heard me creep,I didn't ask for it ..

Jason-if I was in your shoes I would watch my mouth

Me-and if I was in your shoes I would not threaten me and ps I'm not afraid *winked*

Jason-you should be

Me-should I ? Well I'm not

Jason - I can hurt you

Me-wanna bet *i smirked*

Jason-I'm dangerous

Me-and I'm jlo

Jason-you'll hear

Me-I'm deaf

*he chuckled *

Jason-you'll see

Me- I can give it a blind eye ;)

Jason-what's your name?just answer

Me-Nop,bite me

Jason-where ?

Me-what the he..

??: what do u think you are doing with my boyfriend

We both looked and saw a fuming Chelsea

Jason still kept me in his hold

I ignored it for now because I need to bother the bitch more maybe even use Jason

Me-what do you want?

Chelsea-I want you to step away from my boyfriend

*i felt a little embarrassed now*

Chelsea : what ? Cat ate your tongue ?

Jason: first of all you are NOT my girlfriend and second don't talk to her like that bitch

Chelsea : but jasseeyy

Jason : it was one night and I was drunk get that throw your very very very thick skull

By now we had a circle of people around us .

Chelsea:you will pay bitch,I swear to god if you are near him I'll make your life a living hell

Justin whispered in my ear *go with it to piss her off*

I just nodded so after that he held my waist

Justin: well Chelsea you should piss off cause you are getting this hottie mad

Then I remembered he doesn't know my name lol

Chelsea : who are you anyway ?

Me-I'm Farah Macgaret and I'm an Egyptian exchange student aka hoe exterminator prostitute * I winked while smirking*

And bye bye hoe

With that I left Chelsea and Jason stunned and went to my locker after I got my combination from the office and went to put my stuff in the locker

But I pumped into someone ...



Me-no it's okay

I stood up and she looked at me and said

??-ooh you are the one who humiliated Chelsea ,she is a hoe

Me-you know I already like you :)

??-I'm daisy bye the way,daisy Martinez

Me-farah macgaret

Daisey -give me your schedule I'll show you around


After hours of complete torture the day was over finally but I have a new friend now daisey and I have a feeling that we will be really good friends


Hi beliebers,hru doin?

This chapter is written to my friend @avonsarmour aka daisy I really wanna see you and this chapter is written for u bestie ...

Wish u all enjoyed reading it and I'll update soon

I know it's really really really short but I'll update soon xxx

1 like and 1 comment for a faster update ;D

Stay swaggy

And good night <3 xxxxoo

-sophistikated ;) xx

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