Titanic with a Twist

Read on to hear the story of Jacque and Rosanne!


7. Titanic Opinions

~~Since I turned my play in, I think I'll use this as a discussion story I will finish posting my play.

I would like to discuss the 1997 movie first. I thought the cinematography was beautiful, so were the costumes, sets, and the extras. The plot (to me) was absolutely horrible. The first time I saw it I believe I was about eight and in the second grade. I remember this night vividly because my dad made me leave the tv and watch some fireworks they were shooting over Downtown Pittsburgh. I was a little mad because we were just about to hit the iceberg which takes up about an hour of the movie.

I wished I watched the fireworks a little longer. I was terribly disappointed with the ending and how the sinking was portrayed. Thousands of people died and Hollywood was focusing on Kate Winslet's boobs and Leo's sex scenes. I went to bed crying I was so upset.

But the main reason I was so upset is that I had an aunt [and I believe an uncle] on the Titanic. All I know is that she was a second class passenger and I believe she was rescued. Sadly my family has no documents about her and I only know because of my grandfather. My grandfather can no longer talk so what he told me before and what I found on the internet is all the information I have. I wish I had more. 

Then a few months I saw the new version with the old lady. I was a little happy that I was home sick from school watching tv. Again I was severely disappointed. An old lady? Really? If she lived to 2000 she would have to be over 100 years old! Also that lady and the boat crew were terrible actors. 

If I had to give a rating I would give it a 5/10 stars. And I would not highly recommend it unless you don't understand my play at this point and you need to watch it. But watch it on YouTube so you don't have to pay for it. 

So question: What is your opinion about the 1997 movie? Do you think it should be remade? If you have anything else to say please comment!

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