Titanic with a Twist

Read on to hear the story of Jacque and Rosanne!


5. Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 2

We are on the docks of Southampton but now it is super crowded with people boarding and trying to get near the Titanic.



     [Jacque comes running onstage as Robert, who will be standing at the entranceway, is yelling all aboard]

I may not have won those tickets but I want to see what this ship has to offer!

     [Robert turns around and leaves the stage as Jacque leaves the same stage as him. Pan and Clyde come in sweating and panting, while their music plays. They chase after Jacque]



What are we going to do boss? We can't get on without a ticket. It would be illegal.



    [Face palms himself and shakes his head]

Lil' bro, we're criminals, we do illegal stuff. Now we will get on that ship and follow that little problem maker. Follow me through here.

    [Lights dim and we find ourselves on the Titanic Jacque enters onto the stage with Pan and Clyde watching]



     [Hands behind his back while speaking loudly]

All aboard! The Titanic is now boarding all third class passengers. Second class will board next then First. We are sorry for any inconvenience that you may experience.



     [out of breath]

I think I finally lost them. Thank God!



    [comes up to Jacque]

Your ticket sir?



    [fidgets with the one bag he has]

I'm sorry, it's... it's in my bag. If you could just show me to a room please,

    [looks at name tag]

Robert! Hey! I have a buddy named that back at the docks!



Sir, I cannot let you into a room until I see your ticket. I have only two jobs to do on this ship: to make sure everyone on this ship has a ticket and they are comfortable in their cabins. If I fail to do my job...

     [Jacque is mimicking Robert and moving his hand like it's a mouth. Robert is caught off guard and is clearly furious]

I'll take that rubbish from the first class snobs but a fellow chap! Thames River my butt!

    [Robert starts to walk away calling to the head steward about Jacque not having a ticket]



Mr. Edwards! This man doesn't have a ticket.

     [Suddenly Jacque falls to the floor and waits a second before he grabs his leg and cries out in 'pain']



Oh my bloody leg! My aching feet! That steward just attacked me!

     [Jacque points to Robert who looks nervous and a little confused. He runs over as Jacque continues to cry]



Alright, alright! You can bunk with me and my chaps on G deck but if my boss finds out, you're sinking with me!



     [questioning look on his face]

I thought this ship was unsinkable?



No. Yes. Oh never mind! It's a saying. Come sir, I must show you to your room.

     [Robert and Jacque leave. Pan and Clyde enter]



    [still trying to sound like his brother]

Boss! He's tryin' to get away without paying us! All that money I saved for our trip to go to Pittsburgh to see that play, Titan with a Twist! It's a super cool story about a ship that is considered unsinkable but sinks on a cold April night.




Aw, shut up!

    [hits Pan upside the head]

We'll get ya money back. Whatever it takes.

    [pulls out the gun and laughs manically. Pan tries to join but Clyde hits him and Pan falls to the floor once more]






I told you to shut up! Ya want ya money or not?

    [Pan shakes his head. Clyde picks him up and carries him out. Jacque and Robert enter again jumping on each other laughing. They continue to leave the same stage as Pan and Clyde as a young pretty girl walks by. They turn around to catch a look but keep walking]


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