Titanic with a Twist

Read on to hear the story of Jacque and Rosanne!


4. Scene 1

Act 1, Scene 1

On the docks of Southampton, Jacque is with his friends/fellow dock workers recalling his events with Pan and Clyde. They are two American gangsters who helped him back to England.



        [Sitting on a crate]

So tell us Jacque, how did you get back to Southampton without any money?



      [Smiles big and proud]

Very good question my dear Harry. It all started about two weeks ago when I found myself working at the docks in New York City. It was all fine and dandy until two gangsters, I think their names were Pan and Clyde, showed up one day.

     [A flashback begins as the lights dim and mystical music plays. The audience finds itself in  New York City, Spring 1912]

It was a cold spring day and I was working the hardest I ever had hoping to get a paycheck to earn my way back to my dearest friends.

     [Jacque lays back on a couple of crates watching the others work]

I'm a responsible person you know.

     [gunshot goes off. Jacque doesn't flinch but his friends duck]

I had just finished a long nap, I mean I finished a long day's work when they entered!

     [Pan and Clyde enter dragging a body. They realize they have been spotted and drop the body. They approach Jacque with pistols in their hands. Jacque's friends hold their arms up in surrender but put them down after they learn that the gangsters can't see them. Harry even waves his hands in Pan's face. The others make faces and poke them.]



     [Walks in slyly. Has a gangster accent]

Hey there little boy. Now are we gonna have to do the same thing to you, see, or can we get you out and nothing happened here? Trust me we ain't scared, see?



     [Acting out what happens as he explains it with Harry and his friends watching but not able to see what we're able to see.]

He shoved the gun into my face. I was about to go all street on him and slap the gun away when an electric light bulb suddenly turned on in my head. I can get back to England with these guys. So, I hold my arms up in surrender and told them that I'll reluctantly go to England and forget about it as long as they pay for it.

    [Pan and Clyde shake their heads as Jacque speaks]

They couldn't refuse the offer. I had just suckered them out of $10!

    [smiles proudly]



    [tries to copy the way his brother speaks]

You see, I've got the money right here. You get on the ship right there and you don't remember a thing like you got some fancy doctor thing.


Don't I sound super tough Clyde? I'm such a rebel!



    [Slaps Pan upside the head as talking]

Ah, shut up you doof!

    [Pan falls forward and yelps out in pain as his brother picked him up and drags him out by the ear. Jacque looks to the crowd and backstage to where the 'ship' was. He runs off leaving Harry and the rest of his friends behind. Suddenly a hand pops out waving them back. The lights dim and the music plays as they travel back to Southampton. Harry seems impressed.]



Golly! I had no idea you were so tough, Jacque!

     [All his friends chime in agreement]




    [A buzzer goes off telling it was time for them to go home. But before Harry can leave, Jacque calls out to him]

Hey Harry! Are we still betting on those tickets next week?



     [turns around]

Yeah, are you that eager? You just got back.

     [Jacque nods his head]

Oh, alright. See you tomorrow. The lowest bet is $10.

[Jacque and Harry leave. The stage is empty for a few seconds when ominous music plays. Pan and Clyde pop out onto the stage and look around and leave the same exit Jacque did as the lights go off and the next scene begins.]


A/N: Well that took longer than expected! Hope you enjoyed it so far. Please comment!  

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