Titanic with a Twist

Read on to hear the story of Jacque and Rosanne!


2. Characters



Jacque, young, poor 20 year old from Southampton, England. Asks Pan and Clyde for money and passage to England. Has an American accent instead of British because he was in America for a long time.


Pan, 25 year old New York City gangster. The younger brother of Clyde. Weaker and not as tough as his brother. A little shy and timid, who doesn't like to get into fights. He gives Jacque the money for his passage to England.


Clyde, 27 year old New York City gangster and older brother of Pan. Has no fear of other gangsters and is very tough toward his little brother. Has a scar on his face from a fight that landed him in jail for five years. Pan helped him escape and go under the map for the following years.


Robert, 22 year old steward on the S.S Titanic. Fooled by Jacque to give him a room for free.


Rosanne, 19 year old dramatic daughter of Mr. Astor, the richest man in the world [at the time]. Sick and tired of the high society life but still basks in the clothes, jewelry, etc.

Mr. Astor, father of Rosanne. Richest man on board the Titanic.


Harry, good friend of Jacque. Works at the Southampton docks.


Nora, Jacque's granddaughter. Works at the nursing home he lives in to listen to stories about his adventures.

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