Titanic with a Twist

Read on to hear the story of Jacque and Rosanne!


1. A/N

Hello all of my loyal readers! This is your master speaking! I instruct all of you to become one of my fans immediately even if you don't have an account!

Nah I'm just kidding. But you still can if you want to!!! ;-]

Let me cut to the chase: In my Accelerated LA class, we have had to write a play for the past three months to submit in a local contest. I have mentioned the contest in my other Movella A Modern Fairytale. Mine is practically done so I decided to post my masterpiece on Movellas.

What I would like in return is for everyone to comment what they think and if anything needs fixed or changed. Now take into consideration that I'm retyping it, so I will have mistakes in it. All comments to fix my play need to be in before the end of March, maybe even earlier... IDK!

Now before you enter the world of 1912, I should probably tell you about my play/masterpiece. It is a parody of the Titanic movie that came out in 1997. My characters have similar names like Jacque instead of Jack and Rosanne instead of Rose. It's mainly poking fun about how ill-informed it is. That and it has gangsters in it!

I don't want to give away to much so...

Keep your eyes on the screen and your right hand on the mouse [and maybe hit 'become a fan button'] and prepare to enter the world of America/England 1912!!!


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