My very own creation.

Aurora hates herself. Hates herself for ways unimaginable unless you are one of her kind. She's seen the world in different ways. When she creates something she can't exchange or destroy, how does she handle the situation and does it stab her in the back. When she creates Bradley.


2. Welcome to TarrenVille Academy

The locker doors are an array of colors, varying from the deepest blacks until they reach the brightest white. The only color that outstands the colors of the lockers is the color of my eyes. The color of ice is intimidating, hypnotizing, and can be a good luck charm.

TarrenVille Academy is some school I enrolled myself in because my creator disappeared after my immortal birth and never came back. My birth parents know I'm alive and that I'm going to hell and so does the town I lived in, so I moved here to escape the pain of my old town. My birth parents are dead, dead long ago. Although I kept my name, nobody would dare search me up anymore. They wouldn't recognize me anyways, they don't know me but there are legends about us 'cold-bloods'. I don't know why they call us that, we don't have blood in our veins.

I've come up with a really interesting background story if people ask where I am from and stuff like that. I'm 17, birthday is January 1st 1998. I was born in Quebec, Canada. I have French background but do not talk with the French accent or much French at all for that matter. I was changed in France in 1850. I'm one hundred and sixty-four years old with my immortality.

"There you are, Auro!" Squeals Xaviera. She's my best friend here at TarrenVille. Dark hair, almond shaped muddy bronze eyes, teardrop face and she has a sweet voice. Trilling like a xylophone. Like a breeze whipping around on a delicate winter day.

I remove my hands from my white fur gloves, "Xaviera, where've you been?"

She rolls her eyes at me as I can already know. I have a gift, a special gift. A mind-reading gift. I can get inside and pick apart peoples brains without them knowing. I can also do something fairly more interesting, I can play with the elements. Earth, wind, fire, and water. I have to try and be careful about how I use my gifts though, I shouldn't use the gift of elements in random ways.

I grab my white silk gloves from my locker and slide them onto my hands, preventing any unplanned fires. People ask me why I wear the gloves and I can't tell them about myself, so they don't bother to stay around. They think it's my 'rape' glove. Dirty minded bastards.

Xaviera and I go to our extra-curricular class; gymnastics. We have our gymnastics class in a special part of the school and if you're thinking the gymnasium, you're wrong. TarrenVille has this weird idea that ever activity should have it's own place, so as you can imagine the school is huge.

We get dressed in our uniforms, black yoga pants and yellow t-shirts with our school emblem on the chests. If you thought gymnastic uniforms were those super tight unitards, thank god no. We only wear those for competitions and the ones we have for our next competition is silver and cyan blue.

                                                                     *  *  *

After class school is over and Xaviera, Emmeline, and I race back to our home in the middle of the woods. Running the trail like a cougar, flying from tree to tree like a swallow, beating Xaviera to the living room. Emmeline is already inside when I arrive.

Emmeline is a very feminine girl, like the rest of us. Her copper colored eyes that are large and circular remind me of one of those beautiful anime characters. Blonde-silver hair that can trace everything and can detect every motion of anything around her. Pearly white smile that shows off her fangs. We just look like normal, but undeniably gorgeous, humans with razor sharp canine teeth.

"We can't just hunt now," I blurt out as I listen to Emmeline's thoughts.

"Why can't we? We usually hunt around these times anyway," She whines.

"We can't go because we'd be endanger. I can smell the humans a mile from the mountains. They'd see us in our usual hunting grounds," Xaviera informs. "They see us, we move. Simple."

I take off my gloves and twirl a miniature tornado across my hand. Swirling it around making my hair fly gently behind me.

Xaviera and Emmeline were both created by the same vampire as I was. I was turned at seventeen years of age, Emmeline at sixteen, and Xaviera at seventeen. I am the oldest though, they were turned years after me. Emmeline was changed in 1890, making her one hundred twenty-four, Xaviera is a year younger than her.

"They're leaving," I growl. "We're hunting tonight, girls."

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