My very own creation.

Aurora hates herself. Hates herself for ways unimaginable unless you are one of her kind. She's seen the world in different ways. When she creates something she can't exchange or destroy, how does she handle the situation and does it stab her in the back. When she creates Bradley.


3. The hunt

Climbing the trees like spider-monkeys and jumping from tree to tree, scouting out gullible prey. I see the fresh bloods drive their minivan down the path and we make a mad dash for our hunting area. Running is like flying when you're a vampire, even though you can't actually fly. I claw my way up the side of the mountain and when I make the top, I stand near the edge and stare down with no fear. The tiniest creatures such as shrews and small garden snakes can be seen with my eyes. A few deer, three doe and two bucks. Something catches the corner of my eye and I snap my neck in the direction. Fresh blood.

I look around and notice a fairly large backpack on the mountain, they were rock climbing. I pick up the bag and chuck it down the mountain, rolling out of control through the air. I made sure I threw it away and close to the fresh blood. All of a sudden the fresh blood falls and doesn't move to get back up.

I jump from the mountain, chasing the trail of the backpack through the late fall leaves. Xaviera and Emmeline are already next to the hiker.

"Why the hell, would you throw a backpack at some guys head?" Emmeline screams in an octave too loud for my taste. "You trying to get lucky with a hunt or something?"

I roll my eyes at her and Xaviera picks up the guy, slinging him over her shoulder. "You guys go hunt, I'll take him back to our place and make sure he's ok."

                                                                      *  *  *

After a fair hunt, Emmeline catching a young buck and I catching a mediocre sized mountain lion, we head back to the house.

The taste of blood in my mouth is extraordinary. It's coppery,  but it tastes like melting chocolate, or honey. Taste has changed a lot since I was human. 

We walk in on the two and the male hasn't woken up yet, but he's close to it, I can tell. I don't bother staying downstairs though, I go upstairs into my room. I'd say bedroom, but there is no bed. Vampires don't sleep.

My room consists of a dark leather couch that has violet colored throw pillows in the one corner, snow white paint on my three walls and the forth wall is large and made of glass. Bulletproof glass. A dark desk sits against a painted wall with an apple mac computer, a large compilation of music, and classic books. The first copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, hand written. A baby grand piano is in the corner, next to the glass wall.

I'm downstairs within seconds. He's awake. I stay farther away than I normally would and sniff the air thoroughly. He smells interesting, creamy under all the flesh. Peter and Jeremiah walk in laughing, but stop as they see the mess on the couch.

"Why is a fresh blood here?" Hisses Peter.

"Aurora did it," spills Xaviera.

"Thanks," I growl.

The boy opens his eyes for us all to see, even I across the room can see the shine of the bright green. He frantically glances around examining each of us.

What the hell, he thinks. Where am I? How'd I get here? Why does my head hurt? Think Bradley think!

I know who that is. Bradley attends TarrenVille with us. Good looking, and keeps a lot to himself, though I know the schools deepest, darkest secrets; like how they use horse meat in the pasta. I know his secrets.

"You were hit with a knapsack that fell from the sky with the amazing speed of forty miles per hour, and you're in the home of an interesting family," I state.

Bradley looks at me cautiously and realizes who I am. He realizes who we all are. "Why am I in your house?"

"She kind of threw the bag," Xaviera says. I throw her a dead look.

"Thanks," Bradley sighs. "Can I go back home now?"

I walk over and help him up, holding him by the hand. He flinches when I touch him, my ice cold skin against his warm. I can hear the blood rushing through his veins, he's thinking of how I can be that cold and smooth. I hurry him outside and he follows me into the garage that is filled with five cars. Emmeline's cherry red BMW, Xaviera's silver Mustang GT, Peter's black Mercedes, Jeremiah's orangey colored Volvo, and my bright yellow Ferrari.

"Get in," I say. Bradley hesitates for a moment, and than follows my order. I slide into the leather seat and take off down the path, driving Bradley back home. His dark brown hair, tanned skin and green eyes are intriguing. Peter and Emmeline. Jeremiah and Xaviera. Bradley and I?

My icy breath and body make it rather cold in here so I turn up the heat for him, I don't want my guest to be cold. 

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