My very own creation.

Aurora hates herself. Hates herself for ways unimaginable unless you are one of her kind. She's seen the world in different ways. When she creates something she can't exchange or destroy, how does she handle the situation and does it stab her in the back. When she creates Bradley.


7. Showing off

Landing on my feet after a sequence of running, jumping from tree to tree, and showing Bradley and Vivian how I can do all the crazy stunts, they sit on the large boulder wide eyed. I can't blame them.

"Why don't you do all that anywhere else, be enrolled in professional gymnastics or something?" Vivian asks, astonished.

"Wouldn't be fair, I couldn't do this when I was human but now I can, gracefully. I like giving those people who were born with the talent a chance," I tell her. She rolls her eyes and thinks, If I could do all that free handed, I could become rich. A famous fucking gymnast.

"Is that all you care about Vivian? Being rich or famous?" I ask.

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" She snoops, I knew that one would come up.

"One of my special vampire gifts, I can read minds. I can read minds of pretty well everyone. I can choose who I read as well, and right now you and Bradley seem like interesting topics," I smile.

"Wait, you said that mind reading was one of your gifts, what's another one?" Bradley asks, good he's paying attention.

"I only have the two, Emmeline has one, and Xaviera one. My other gift is controlling the elements; water, fire, earth, and wind. See all the ice along the river, the burned down tree across the lake?" They nod. "I did those things. I can only control snow when it is winter though, which is a bit of a downer."

"I don't believe you." I sigh at Vivian.

I put my palms face up and breath on them, creating the vapor ice. I blow it to a puddle on the ground, Vivian's eyes wide as the puddle freezes over. She mouths the word 'wow' and I can't help but smile.

"Emmeline, your up."

Her long black maxi skirt follow behind her swift moves, her bare legs looking more pale than the rest of her body. Emmeline's gift is to heal. She asks if Bradley or Vivian has a cut on their bodies. Bradley says yes and reveals to us a scabbed gash in his leg. It's about two inches long and five centimetres wide. Emmeline stares at his leg, her eyes doing the work. We watch as the wound repairs quickly, not causing pain. Pretty soon all there is, is a long scar which we can't do anything about.

"Xaviera," Emmeline calls in her deeper yet still beautiful voice.

Xaviera steps up and dances into the center among everyone. I'm a little bit unsure about her gift, she definitely wont use it on a fresh blood, but she plans to use it on me. I step into the center with her and the pain shoots through my neck, I feel as if I am going to have my head broken off. The ice pangs of pain are unbearable. I scream out in agony and Xaviera keeps going, I know she can't kill me with this, but it sure feels like I could be.

"Stop, you're hurting her!" Bradley yells out. Xaviera keeps going and Bradley jumps in front of her, blocking me from the pain, not being hurt himself. What? That is supposed to kill a human.

"Impossible! The only other vampire with a shield that I know of is Belladonna from Italy!" Screeches Xaviera.

"He's the son of a witch!" Emmeline screeches like a banshee.

"No, he's not. It's just a shield," I say, confirming Xaviera's thoughts. She quits using the mentally developed pain, and shoots herself into the house. I hear her slam the bedroom door and curse frantically, I tune her out.

"What's a shield?" Asks Bradley.

"You don't get influenced or affected by other powers, they are as if nothing to you, pretty strong gift if you got it while your human," I explain. "It's interesting though, how I can read your thoughts. Very rare." Vivian thinks about what sort of powers she has. She can't handle the pain like Bradley, nor does she have a shield, I could tell about that for miles. "You don't have any abilities, Vivian."

Her eye begins to twitch and her pupils shrink into tiny slits, like a cat in the dark. Her lips curl over her teeth, baring them at me, showing me what her body is able to do. She doesn't know it though, which freaks me out knowing she doesn't know what she is. Within seconds her clothing rips to shreds and falls around her body in a messy heap.

Before me stands a large, chestnut brown, velvety green eyed, wolf. I back up cautiously, my eyes filled with terror. The gargantuan paws make paw prints as big as my face, and the trample each thing in their path. Aggressive claws dig into the earth, signifying that she was curling her hand into a fist. Vivian's shaggy coat moves with the sudden cool wind, Bradley shivers at my side. Her ears twitching with every noise, never standing still in two perfect triangles above her big melon. Her muzzle edged with tinted yellow teeth, drool hanging from each tooth. Her tongue snakes out and licks her lips clean.

You stink, girl.

"Only to you. You smell like wet dog to me!"

Wet dog, eh? Vivian lunges forward toward me, awarding herself with the grasp she had on my arm. I could pull away quickly, just enough to get Bradley back to the house, but she followed me. I push her back a good thirty feet, just enough to get her close to a few strong oak trees. Her fierce jaws snap at my face, wanting to tear the rock to bits. I know I said I hated being what I am, but hey, being human you can't put up a good fight like this! I twist the skin and fur on her left side, under her shoulder and she yelps in agony, tumbling to the ground under my power among her.

"Bad girl," I mock her. "Bad girl."


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