My very own creation.

Aurora hates herself. Hates herself for ways unimaginable unless you are one of her kind. She's seen the world in different ways. When she creates something she can't exchange or destroy, how does she handle the situation and does it stab her in the back. When she creates Bradley.


9. My very own creation

"No!" I bellow when Dixon's hands wrap around Bradley's neck. I bare my fangs and allow the venom to pool on the tips, fizzing lightly. "Let him go!"

I hurtle myself toward Dixon, distracting her long enough to leave her grip unattended to. My fingernails burrow themselves deeply into her neck, and I tear my hands down her chest and through her torso like a knife through a stick of frozen butter. Her pupils dilate and she snarls viciously, snapping her teeth at me, only allowing me to compose more damage. A black fluid begins to pour from her insides, like a pen bleeding ink.

"Aurora!" Bradley chokes, warning hidden deep in his voice. I shift my gaze onto him and Malcolm is now in my way, his hands pulverizing Bradley's neck. Then I hear a crunch. Bradley's eyes begin to turn grey and I scream.

"Bradley!" I wail, going ballistic. "How dare you!"

"Come Dixon, we must go before they moon children begin their attack. Please, Aurora, my child, join our army, it would do us an enormous favor," Malcolm says, leaving the air as if it was untouched.

I dart to Bradley's side and kneel close to him, calling for Xaviera and Emmeline frantically. When they arrive, Bradley's chest had begun to rise and fall even quicker as he fights for oxygen. I pick him up and the three of us race back to our home, waiting for something anything to happen.


"I can't just let him die like this!" I scream once more.

"Auro, we can't turn him, he'd be a danger to everyone!" Emmeline argues aggressively.

"Why can't we, how would he be? He would be fine, I'll be his creator, I'll take responsibility for him!"

"No, Auro, it's too great of a risk. It's a risk we cannot risk to take," Jeremiah says, taking the side of Peter and the other two girls.

"He's fighting to live, please," I cry. "Please!"

"No, Auro! Now, once he's dead, we'll place the body elsewhere, and then when they find it, we'll bury him."



It's been three hours and everybody has gone out, except for me. I pleaded to stay and watch over Bradley, all night. He is still breathing which shouldn't be possible, but I can't say it's impossible.

It gets to be to much and I decide I am going to go against everybody else and change him. I pick him up and bring him into my bedroom, laying him on the futon. His eyes are closed and he can't speak, but I know he can hear me and feel me. My breath on his skin and my fingers through his hair.

"It'll be alright, Bradley. I'm going to fix this by making it worse."

I stroke his neck gently and straight after that I chaw into his flesh, the taste of his blood is like chocolate and blood mixed together, like a citrus fruit. I bite his neck, arms and legs, leaving wounds everywhere. Wounds that would be healed if he turned successfully.

I've been refilling the wounds with my venom for hours, finally believing that the amount should be enough. I go to the bathroom and clean my mouth of the blood stains and walk back into the room. He lay silently, and I disappear, trying not to hurt too much.

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