My very own creation.

Aurora hates herself. Hates herself for ways unimaginable unless you are one of her kind. She's seen the world in different ways. When she creates something she can't exchange or destroy, how does she handle the situation and does it stab her in the back. When she creates Bradley.


6. "I know what you are."

The click of the wooden heels on my boots sound as I strut down the hallway. I listen in on peoples thoughts; She thinks she's everything, Bitch, I wish I could be like her, stop sashaying you little slut, go hang yourself, die bitch, I wish I could be that pretty, I'm so much better looking. I'm hit with this day after day, and I know who I can and cannot trust because of this. Those few girls that are treated like dirt and the girls who think they're as good a Barbie, I can pick them out. It makes life easier.

"Vivian, it's a strut, not a sashay," I smirk in her direction. The girls around her laugh silently in their minds, afraid that if they make a noise, they get their asses beat.

I spot Emmeline and Xaviera down the hall, chatting nonstop about the outcome of things if I see Bradley, or if he addresses me, I'll be able to see him first hand though. Speak of the devil. I turn around and the poor kid almost rams into me. I put up my hand in front of my chest, signalling for him to stop in his tracks and so he does.

"No questions, Bradley," I warn.

"I know what you are," he says. I see Emmeline and Xaviera stop and listen in. They can't read his mind, but they can hear his conversations with me from a mile away at a time.

"Go on," I say, clearly impatient.

"You're a vampire," he blurts in my face and my hand smashes into his face. I hold him like it and drag him somewhere else by the collar of his shirt.

"How'd you know?" I ask, he already knew, he's not playing me.

"Studies. We learned about the great disaster in towns all across the globe, dead bodies showing up with the teeth marks into the sides of their necks. People say it's chupacabre marks, but that's for the Mexicans."

"You can't tell anybody," I scowl.

"Don't worry, you're secrets safe with me," he says, and he is true to his word. No doubt about it.

"Stick with me, kid."

"I know that all those people in your home are as well," Bradley interrupts. "Unmistakeable beauty, ice cold skin, fangs, not that hard to interpret."

"Vampire, eh?" Vivian snoops in around the corner. I swoop out around the corner and grab her by the throat in a matter of a third of a second. She coughs and her arms flail as she tries to get away.

"Tell anyone and I will kill you," I threaten.

"Show me your fangs, vampy," Vivian chokes out. My fangs make their appearance as I bare my set of perfect white teeth. I feel the venom soak down around them and gather into little pools at the tips.

"Razor sharp, bitch," I throw her on the ground.

"Fine, I won't tell anyone." Her word is hard to state, a bit of uneasy choice to her decision. It could change in seconds.

"Show me what it's like?" Bradley pleads, and Vivian looks at me expecting me to do something.

"Go fly around or something, turn into a bat. Kill someone for all I care," Vivian spits.

"How about you?" She cowers down. "I thought so."

                                                                      *  *  *

I had told Bradley and Vivian that I would show them what it's like to be me after our classes. The last bell sounds and I shoot up out of my desk, making it to my locker lighting quick, nobody noticing. I'm surprised by how stupid most of these kids are, how they look around like cats after a butterfly. It's interesting to watch, especially being me. I can pick out everything, and how all of these kids have problems of their own. None vampires, just drug abusers, they have abusive parents, ego, eating disorder, bullied, bystander, bully. The list could go on forever, but I am not going to sit here and let you bore yourself to death.

Bradley, Vivian, and I all meet outside and wait for Emmeline and Xeviera. I count 2 minutes in my mind, being better than anybody else with mentally timing things.

"Why are your eyes different?" Vivian asks like an idiot, but really it's an interesting question. How are Emmeline, Xavier, and the boys eyes all copper and mine be ice blue.

"I have no idea," I sigh. Vivian rolls her eyes at my pathetic answer, but it's true, I don't know why I am different from my family. All vampires have their own kind of puberty; the changing colors of their eyes. Red, a neutral color, and than copper. Mine, no, mine are blue. It helps with the human dress up though.

"Alright, show us what it's like," Bradley says excitedly.

"Calm your tits, Bradley," Vivian barks. I don't know why she told Bradley to calm his boobs, he doesn't have any. He's skinny, very skinny. I begin to pick up a scent of something terrible, dog-like. I let my sense of smell control me and Vivian stands straight as a board, she finds it weird how I am sniffing her jacket. Her hair. Her hands.

"Vivian, what's your last name again?" I ask.

"Accalia, why?"

"Your grandfathers name?"

"Amoux." French, eagle...wolf. That's why it smells like a dog. I decide to let it slide though, she seems to be no danger. I should've known about her background, her werewolf background. Vivian lets it slide as well, my freaky vampire crap.

Dog? Emmeline thinks in a question and I nod towards her.

"Alright, let's go."


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