The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


4. Want to come in?

I was freaking out but i didnt want Casie to see. I ran to the bathroom so i could calm down. Why am i even freaking out? I started talking to myself in the mirror. "Okay he didnt see you, calm down, ill just wait in here till he leaves." I dont like him and i need to forget about him and move on, it was one kiss and it meant absolutely nothing....i tried lying to myself. it didnt work...

Ive been in the bathroom now for about 10 minutes and Casie texted me asking what happened to me, i just told her 'its that time of the month give me a minute' and she said 'ew okay'. Haha.

I figured he should be gone by now so i walked out, but when i opened the door i hit someone. "Oh my god! Im so sorry are yo--" It was Harry. I just hit him in the face with the bathroom door. Smooth Sarah, real smooth. He had his hand on his eye so he hasnt looked at me yet. He was lying on the floor and i was on my knees next to him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. "Sarah?" I laughed and said sweetly back "Hi Harry." He just gave me a smile. "I am sooo sorry i hit you in the face with the door" He just laughed "Oh that was you haha, its fine ill be ok" "Are you sure? Do you feel light headed? Dizzy? Nauseo--" "Sarah?" he put his hand on mine "Im okay." I felt my face turn as red as a tomato and i know he saw cause he giggled.

I helped him up and we were just standing there looking at eachother. It was very awkward. "Well my friend is over there i should probably get back to her." He just nodded, our eyes still locked. "Um, you can join us if you would like to?" i said shyly. "Yeah id love to" We both smiled and i grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the table. Casies eyes widened and she grew a huge smirk on her face. "Casie this is Harry, Harry this is Casie." Casie stood up quick to shake his hand and then we all sat down.

We all started talking about our lives and Harry is so funny, when i say i laughed so hard i cried and almost peed my pants, i am not joking. We all talked for 3 hours and it was great. Casie all the sudden got up and winked at me, "Well I really have to get going, i my little cousin for the rest of the day and im already late, sorry Sarah i cant drive you home." What a little liar. I glared at her but had a small smile on my face cause i knew what she was trying to do. She walked out of Starbucks leaving Harry and I sitting here. "Well i should probably go, i have to be home soon and its about a half hour walk." I said grabbing my purse and standing up. "No no let me drive you, my cars parked out front." He motioned me to follow him, so i did.

I walked over to his car and he ran over to open the door for me, i said thanks and jumped into the passengers seat. He jumped into the drivers seat and started driving. I gave him the instructions to my house and in 10 minutes we were there, in front of my house. We sat in the car for a minute. "Wow this is a really nice house. You have any siblings?" He asked. "Well i have 2 sisters but their older and dont live with me, its just me in this big house." I looked at him. He had a confused look on his face. "What about your parents?" I looked down. "They died 3 years ago in a plane crash." "Sarah im so sorry." His eyes never left me. "Thanks." He just nodded and gave me a small smile.

"Hey, um, you can come inside if you want." I said as i was getting out of the car. He looked at his phone, im guessing to check the time. "You dont have to if you dont want to, im not gonna force you." I laughed. "No i want to." he hopped out of the car and followed me to the front door. I unlocked it and we both stepped inside. He looked around and nodded in approval. "Very nice" he said. "Thank you very much." i answered. He laughed. 

"So wheres your room?" he winked at me. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Its upstairs and no you cant see it cause its a mess." He had a sneaky grin on his face, and all the sudden he bolted up the stairs. I ran after him calling him to stop, we were both laughing hysterically. I finally ran in front of him and blocked my door. He was standing in front of me with his arms crossed like a child. I couldnt hold in my laugh. "Oh whats so funny?" he asked "Your like a little kid, its cute though." He smiled "You think im cute?" my eyes widened, did i really just call him cute? oh crap. I mentally face palmed myself. "Well, i" I didnt know what to say. He just laughed at my fail and said "Its okay, i think your really cute too." "You do?" i asked quietly, our eyes locked. "Yeah i do." We just starred at eachother for a while, i thought he was gonna kiss me. I was still up against my door, cause i didnt want him in my room. All sudden he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder, opened my bedroom door and ran in. I was laughing so hard and so was he. He threw me on the bed and started tickling me. I couldnt stop laughing.

We both fell on the floor laughing. I started crying cause i was laughing so much. He just stopped laughing and looked at me. He used his thumb and wiped away my tears from laughing. My smile faded and we both got serious. He started to inch closer to my face till we were a centimeter apart. I closed the gap and kissed him. He picked me up not breaking the kiss and i wrapped my legs around his waste. He layed me on the bed and crawled over me. He gave me a quick kiss again and layed next to me. We put in a movie and it was now 10 at night. Time flew by so fast. We both fell asleep before the movie ended. He had his arm around my waist and there was not even the slightest gap between us. I wish every night could be like this one. 

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