The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


1. Kissing Booth

"WHY WOULD YOU SIGN ME UP FOR THAT?! WHAT IF I....GET HERPES OR SOMETHING?!" i yelled through the phone to Casie. 

"Come on Sarah pleaseeeeee it will be fun, i promise. And calm your titties you wont get herpes."

"I REFUSE to work at the kissing booth. I havent even had my first kiss yet and im not giving it away to some random stranger that wants to kiss me cause he paid for a ticket, I want it to be special, with someone I love." 

"BLAH BLAH BLAH how many times have i heard that one, Sarah your doing it whether you like it or not cause i already signed you up, hey you never know you might even meet someone and fall in love." 

"Oh my god i actually hate you right now...FINE ill go when is it?" I asked frustrated, rolling my eyes. Good thing casie cant see me.
" that...its actually today at 2." Casie said quietly into the phone
I looked at the clock and it read 10:43, i rolled my eyes again aggravated with the entire situation, but I guess at this point i have no choice. "Okay well then i should probably go get ready, gotta look snazzy for all those man whores."

"Yes Sarah thats the spirit!" Casie said excitedly. I laughed "Okay ill see you at the carnival." We both hung up. I got up off my bed and walked into my bathroom to take a shower. I quickly showered then got out and got dressed. I put on a bright green crop top sweater with black leggings and combat boots. I straightened my long brown hair and put a light layer of powder on my skin and mascara. I liked a natural look, i didnt like to wear a lot of makeup cause it can get overwhelming.

By the time i was done getting ready it was already 12, i decided to go over to caises for the rest of the time we had till the carnival and then we could drive there together cause i honestly had no idea where the carnival was or where the kissing booth was, but i was kinda starting to get nervous. Im kinda a germ freak and the thought of kissing a bunch of strangers gives me the heeby geebies.

I walked over to casies which was only two blocks away, we've been friends since birth and im not joking when i say i have the key to her house and i walk in whenever. I opened the door and yelled for her. "IN THE BASEMENT!" I heard her yell back. I ran down into the basment and saw her sprawled out on the floor eating goldfish and watching the show My Strange Addiction. It was now 1 oclock, so we decided to go to the carnival and go on some rides before my shift at the booth.
We went on all the rides, and then finally if was 2 and i had to go work my shift at the kissing booth. I got there and sat on the little stool behind the booth and then the boys started lining up...


...but there was one in particular towards the back that was rather tall, with curly brown hair and green eyes, i was looking forward to kissing him...

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