The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


2. I think we connected ?

He was last on line, and there were only 7 left including him. I started to get kinda anxious. I started to get...butterflies and knots in my stomach.

Wait! Why am i getting butterflies? I dont even know any of these boys, including the curly cue. Im just tired of this, ive been counting and ive already kissed 341 boys and ive never felt more disgusting in my life. So much for that romantic first kiss with someone special, that dream got tossed away 341 boys ago.

But I cant help but get butterflies, because he is adorable, and cute boys all in all just make me nervous and awkward.

Ive now been sitting here kissing boys for 3 hours. I havent had anything to drink or eat and my lips are infested with boy cooties, and yes i said cooties cause thats just how much of a child i really am. I feel like i need to boil my lips.

Casie would come by every now and again to see how everything was going, i wouldnt even answer her i would just give her a look that basically said 'im gonna kill you in your sleep' and she understood, laughed and walked away. She found this so hilarious...ha

Finally the curly haired boy was up, and unlike every other horny guy that just went in for the kiss and walked away, he started talking to me.

"Hello beautiful, my name is Harry."

"Well hello Harry, Im Sarah."

"So what even made you take this job, cause no offense..." He leaned in closer to me, "It sucks."

"Oh believe me i know it sucks, I didnt even want to do it, but my friend thought it would be funny to surprise me and sign me up."

He started laughing, "That is pretty funny."

"You try kissing 347 boys, tell me how funny it is then." I started to get angry

"Yeah i think ill pass on that offer." he giggled 

"Exactly. Well are you gonna kiss me cause your the last boy and id like to leave and go home now." I said with a bored tone in my voice.

"Hmmm no, lets just sit and talk first." He said.

"Look either kiss me or ill leave, cause my friend is here waiting for me and i told her i was about done and that id meet her by the Ferris whe--" He smashed his lips on mine before i even finished my sentence.

I got butterflies in my stomach again. His lips were really soft and he was a reallyyyyy good kisser. He put his hand on the back of my neck to pull me in closer. The kiss started to get heated and was longer then any of the other boys that kissed me.

I pushed him off and he kinda looked hurt. I starred into his green orbs and made an awkward smile that made him giggle.

"um..sorry but,"i couldnt even speak, I looked down, i could feel my face       burning up and i saw his turn kinda red too. I dont think either of us thought the kiss would get that intense. But it did. And i secretly loved it, but i couldnt let him see that i did.

"Yeah I should probably go to." I started packing up everything that i had at the booth and he just stood there and watched.

"Bye" I waved and started to walk away. "Wait Sarah!" I turned around to see Harry jogging back over to me. "I just wanted to say it was really nice meeting you and.." He stopped mid sentence, i have no idea what he was about to say, "...and...well see ya around..." He looked kinda disappointed. I have a feeling thats not what he wanted to say. 

I just gave him and smile and stuck my hand out, he took my hand and shook it, "Goodbye Harry." I started to walk away but got pulled back, he was still holding my hand. I laughed, "Uh Harry my hand." 

He was starring at me and then broke his trance when i spoke, "Oh sorry" He let go, "Bye Sarah."

I gave him another small wave and a smile and i walked away. I walked to the ferris wheel where i saw Casie standing there on her phone. Then i felt my phone start to buzz, i picked it up and saw it was Casie calling me. So stupid haha. "Hello?" i answered. "Sarah?! Where are you, im at the Ferris wheel!" She asked frantically. "Hey smarty pants look in front of you." I saw her all confused but then she looked up and saw me, she started laughing, which made me laugh.

Casie and I walked to the parking lot and got into her red jeep. It was summer so the whole thing was opened up. We drove back to her house and watched some movies. It was now 11:30, i looked over at Casie and she fell asleep, so i turned off the movie and layed back down. I couldnt sleep. All i could think about was Harry.

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