The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


5. Dinner date

Its been two weeks since that night with Harry, and ever since then we've been inseperable. Hes over so much he practically lives here and i love it. But he hasnt asked me officially to be his girlfriend which upsets me and confuses me.

I woke up at 10 and ran to my bathroom to shower. I was excited cause Harry was taking me on a dinner date later but first he was coming over and we were going swimming in my pool. I showered anyway even though i was gonna have to shower again after the pool cause my hair was gross. I turned the water on and blasted the song Heart Attack by Enrique Iglesias. I loved this song. I was screeching the lyrics, i meant why not i live alone. Since my parents had so much money, when they died i got all of it, so i lived in a mansion and my room was huge, I had speakers built in the walls for surround sound, so i blasted the music throughout my room. I danced out of my bathroom and into my room in my towel.  I heard someone laugh and it made me jump.

I turned around and saw Harry in his bathing suit on my bed. "Harry! Naked here!" He just laughed more. "Fine fine ill close my eyes." I poked him in the stomach and he flinched "If you peek i will kill you." I walked over to my dresser and grabbed my aztec fringe bikini. By the way im obsessed with aztec designs and zebra print haha. I quickly changed into them and then ran over and jumped on top of Harry. He screamed cause he wasnt expecting it and said while scrunching his face but his hands still over his eyes "Your not naked still are you?" I laughed and thought id play along. "Maybe I am, open your eyes and find out." he removed his hands from his eyes excited and lifted his head to look over my head and down my body. "Damn." He said and looked at me. "What you were hoping i was?" "I knew you werent, but it was worth a shot." I laughed. He rapped his arms around my bare back and kissed me. "Ready to go swimming?"  he asked me. "Ill race ya!" I jumped off him and started running, i heard him behind me getting closer and closer. I felt someone grab my wrist and pull me back. Harry is now in front of me. "CHEATER!" I yelled and started running again. He got to the pool first and starting jumping and cheering like a little girl. I ran over to him, "I wonnn" He sang rubbing it in my face. i started singing that stupid little song you used to sing when you were a kid when you came in second "First is the worst, second is the best!" I started dancing, " I guess im the best." He scrunched his nose and crossed his arms. I just laughed and then he started laughing.

He was standing near the edge of the pool so i thought it would be even more funny to push him in, so i did. He fell in and made a big splash. He jumped up from under the water and shook out the water from his curly locks. "Ohhh so thats how you wanna play it! Im gonna get you for that!" He got out of the pool and had a devilish smile on his face. He started chasing me around the pool when finally he grabbed me in a hug and jumped in taking me with him. I screamed and then we hit the water. We both came up from under the water and i just splashed him.

Over the past 2 weeks Harry has introduced Casie and I to some of his friends. Their names were Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall. Casie and Niall instantly connected and are dating now. So we decided to invite Niall and Casie over to go swimming with us. They finally arrived 5 minutes after we called and I heard Niall scream from my front yard. He ran to the pool which was in the back yard, dropped everything he was carrying and did a cannon ball into the pool. Then Casie ran over and jumped in too. We all started playing stupid little games like marco pollo, chicken, and this one game where we all stood on the edge of the pool and someone would ask each of us a question and if we didnt know the answer we were pushed into the pool. Of course Harry was the person asking the questions and he gave me the hardest ones just so he could push me in. He even pushed me in 2 times for no reason. He regreted the second time though cause i grabbed his hand when he pushed me and he fell in too. We surfaced from the water and immediatly Niall pointed and laughed and said "OH she got youuu!" I just looked at him and stuck my tongue out and he smiled.

Niall and Casie ended up staying for a while longer after we got out of the pool, and we played board games and Just dance 2014. Harry and Niall are so bad at dancing! At around 5 Niall and Casie left and I went upstairs to shower again. Harry used one of the other bathrooms to shower too. He brought all his clothes with hims so he wouldnt have to go back to his house. After i got out of the shower I curled my hair and put my makeup on.  I went into my closet and grabbed my pink and black lacy high low dress. The bodice was black with lace and the bottom was a deep pink. I put flat black shoes on and then walked outside. Harry was done getting ready and was leaning against the wall outside my room. 

"Hi" I said quietly as i walked out of my room. He pushed himself off the wall and looked at me, he looked shocked. "What?" i asked. "What?" he said back. "You have this weird look on your face." i said. "Its just look, beautiful." A huge smile came across my face which made him smile. "So shall we go?" he put his arm out like a gentlemen. "We shall." I locked arms with him and we walked to his car. He opened the door for me as usual and ran to the other side of the car to get in. "So you want to tell me where were going?" I asked. "Nope" he said popping the "p". He pulled out a bandana from his pocket, "Whats that for?" i raised one eyebrow, "So you cant see." He wrapped it around my eyes and tied it behind my head. "Is this really necessary?" "Yes! I want it to be a surprise!" It was about a half hour drive, at first we were both singing at the top of our lungs to all the songs on the radio, then i ended up falling asleep the rest of the way. 

I woke up to my car door open with Harry standing beside me shaking my arm. "Sarah wake up sleepy head, were here." He picked me up bridal style out of the car and put me down on my feet. I was a little wobbling cause i was tired, so he was hugging me from behind and guiding me to the dinner. I was still blindfolded so he had to help me get to where ever we were going. "Were here." He started the take the blindfold off and i was getting excited. When he finally took it off i saw it. It was a garden. We were the only ones here. There was a little table for 2 in the small grassy area with a white table cloth on it, there were lights hung all around us and candles on every flat surface. It smelled like heaven because of all the flowers. I turned around to face him and he had a rose in his hand. He walked over to me and kissed me. "Sarah i would like to ask you something." He smiled and so did I. "Anything." i answered. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I jumped in his arms "Yes! i will!" He kissed me again. We went to have dinner at the little table. We talked for a while and then we layed on this little blanket in the grass and looked up at the stars. I cuddled up next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. It was so peaceful and quiet, all you could here was the slight summer breeze blowing and the sound of crickets every now and then. 

"Sarah?" I proped myself on my elbows so i could look at him. "Yeah?" 

"Im in love with you." i looked at him for a second shocked at his words, but i had a warm tingly feeling all over my body. Our eyes were locked, "I love you too Harry." He kissed me and then we layed back down and fell asleep under the stars together.


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