The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


7. All fun and games

Im so happy Harry finally asked me to be his girlfriend, and on top of that he told me he loved me! Im spazzing right now! Its been about 3 days since the dinner date and since then Harry asked me if i wanted to go spend the rest of the summer with him in Hawaii. I said yes and hes coming to my house now to help me pack because our flight is leaving tomorrow at 7am. Harry is staying the night so we can both just go together instead of meeting at the airport.

I heard a knock at the front door, i ran down the stairs to see Harry with a pig nose against the glass of the door. I pointed and laughed then opened the door. "Your disgusting" I said still laughing, "I know but you love it" He kissed me on the cheek and then we both went upstairs. 

I told him to go through my dresser and just throw everything into my suitcase, i was in my closet getting all my clothes from there. Even with the amount of money my parents left me and my absolute love for shopping, i dont have that much clothes. its saddening...

While i was in my closet i heard Harry whistle, like how a guy on the street whistles to hot chicks that walk by. I stepped out of my closet to find exactly what i expected. Harry was holding up one of my thongs and winking at me. "Im definitely packing this" He said and threw all the thongs i had into my suitcase. Then he moved onto my bras and did the same thing, i just laughed and ignored him. 

Harry already packed everything and brought it over so we wouldnt have to go back and forth. We finally finished packing all of my stuff and put all our bags into the car. Since it was still kinda early, we decided to go to the mall. It was about a half hour drive from my house but it went by fast. We got there and we went into Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Forever 21, and more. Harry made me try on all these bikinis and dresses and i ended up buying 5 of the bikinis and 10 dresses. 

As we walked around Harry pulled me into this one store and he ran off into the back of the store. I was looking at the jewelry when i heard him yell. "Sarah! Come here!" I zigzagged throughout all the clothes racks and found him in the pajama section. He was holding a his and her pajama set. Hes so adorable. They were solid white tank tops with a thick strap, one said Shes mine and other said Hes mine. Then the matching shorts were stripped white and red. They were really cute. "I say we get them! So i can let the whole island know that your mine!" "Aww! Okay lets do it!" I said back excitedly. We high fived and walked up to the cashier to ring them up. The cashier was a slutty blonde with her boobs hanging out and a pound of makeup on her face. She was flirting with Harry right in front of me and it was making me angry! "Hey baby" the cashier said giving Harry a wink. "Im not your babe." Harry said bluntly. To make her even more mad i took one of the pajama sets, specifically the one that said 'Hes mine' and put it on the counter. She looked down at it then up at me with the dirtiest look, I just tilted my head and gave her the bitchiest smile i could come up with. She just rolled her eyes and backed off. "That will be $13.95" She said with attitude still. I went to take out my money but Harry stopped me, "No i got it babe" He gave me a smile and gave the cashier his credit card. We bought the pajamas and then were done shopping and left the mall.

We got back to my house and it was about 5:30. We both quickly put all our new clothes in our suitcases and then decided to make dinner. Harry was good at cooking so he was the one making dinner. He was making something simple which was just spaghetti and meatballs, and he was making bread from scratch. I was standing next to him watching him make the dough. He was explaining to me step my step how to make it. He then dipped his finger in the flour and whipped in on my nose. So i stuck my hand in and whipped in on his cheek. He just stood there shocked at what i just did. "Oh its on" He said and then grabbed a handful of flour and put it all in my hair. We both started laughing and throwing flour at eachother, and there was flour all over my kitchen now. There was one point where i even managed to throw flour down his pants when he was turned around and he just looked at me. "You will pay for that" he said. "Oh really? How?" i said playfully. He grabbed another handful of flour and started chasing me with it. He finally caught up and tackled me and we were both on the floor. We both stopped laughed and just starred at eachother, then he kissed me. Next thing i know he smashes the handful of flour in my face, gets up and runs away laughing and giggling like a 5 year old. I got up from the floor, ran at him and jumped on his back. I put my legs up and he ended up giving me a piggy back ride.

My head was on his shoulder and i was still on his back when he turned his head to face me. "I love you" He said. "I love you too." He slowly inched closer till are lips were connected. He put me down and turned himself around. His hands were rested on my lower back and and my were wrapped around his neck. We started walking to the couch still not breaking the kiss. He layed me down on the couch and crawled on top of me, still kissing me. The kiss was gentle like he knew i was fragile and didnt want to break me but full of lust too. We both stopped to catch our breaths. He just looked at me and said "I love you so much, i never want to lose you." "Im not going anywhere." He just smiled, kissed me quick again and then ran to get the food.

We ate while watching the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. After we were done eating we just cuddled on the couch facing eachother. We never even slept, we talked the whole night. 

I was definitely, truly, madly, deeply (I had to lol) in love with Harry Styles. 

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