The Kissing Booth

When Sarahs best friend Casie signs her up to work at a kissing booth, she finds herself longing for the curly haired boy to be first in line, but what happens when he gets his turn, does he leave cause it meant nothing or stay because it meant something?


9. A night I will never forget

After arriving at the beach house, i thought it would be a good time to go swimming. I ran up to our room and unzipped my suit case and grabbed one of my new bikinis. I grabbed a lace cover up to so if i wanted to just hang around, i would have some article of clothing on other then basically a bra and underwear which is all a bikini really is. 

I ran down the stairs holding the lace cover up and letting it fly around in my hand, i didnt want to put it on yet. Harry was leaning against the kitchen counter eating cheese-its and reading the ingredients. Then he saw me running down the stairs and put the box down. "Woohoo, where are you going cutie." I stopped running and looked at him from across the room. "Beach!" "Ooo ill come!" he jumped up and down. What a girl lol. "Go get your suit on, meet me out there." I ran out the doors and onto the beach. I layed out my towl on the sand and sat down for a second just taking in the crystal clear blue waters and the fine white sand in my toes. I loved everything about this place. All the sudden two hand covered my eyes. I smilied already knowing who it was. "Guess who?" the familiar male voice whispered in my ear. His hot breath against my ear gave me chills. "Hmm...Is it Harry?" i asked acting puzzled. "Ding Ding Ding! You are correct" He answered trying to sound like a game show host. I tilted my head backwards to look at him, he just looked down at me and kissed me. "Lets go swimming!" He said. "Okay" I got up and we started walking hand in hand toward the water. He threw me up over his shoulder and started running toward the water. I couldnt stop laughing. "Harry Put me down!" He just laughed and kept running. He was now about waste deep into the water and he was now holding me bridal style. "Dont you dare drop me" He just grew a smirk on his face and then he let go but i held onto his neck so i didnt fall in. "HA!" i stuck my tougue out at him.

We were swimming for a while, and we went out a little further into the water. I thought i saw something from the corner of my eye but i just ignored it and kept swimming. I felt something brush up against my leg "Harry stop tickling my leg" I laughed. I turned around and saw him on the shore, sitting down with the small waves hitting his legs. "Im all the way over here" He called back. Thats when i saw a fin, poke out of the water. Sharks. "HARRY HARRY! SHARKS!" I started screaming my head off. Harry turned completely serious and dove into the water. He was close to me and then the shark latched onto my ankle and pulled me under. I was trying to kick it. I felt Harrys hand grab my arms and i was still under the water. I finally kicked the shark in the nose and it let lose of my ankle and swam away, it must have dragged me under a good 15 feet. Harry quickly swam me to the shore, and ran me to the house. He dialed 911 and layed me on the kitchen counter. I was crying, i sat up to look at my ankle. There were cuts all over my ankle and it was bleeding a lot. Harry grabbed a first aid kit and wrapped it up with gauze. I just layed back down on my back, covered my face with my hands, and cried. It hurt so bad and i was still in complete shock of what just happened. I just saw my whole life flash through my head as i was being dragged underwater. Im just happy im alive and still have my foot.  

"Sarah, everythings fine, your going to be okay." He removed my hands from my face and whipped my tears, then cupped my face and starred deep into my eyes. "Im right here, your gonna be fine." He said slowly. "Just keep your eyes on me, dont look down at your ankle, dont even think about it, eyes only on me." I just shook my head yes and then the ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I never took my eyes off Harry, i did exactly what he said, and it worked.

They took me in for surgery, It went quick cause all i needed was 10 stitches. I was in my hospital room, Harry walked in and ran over to the side of my bed and kissed me. "I love you so much Sarah, you scared the crap out of me." I just laughed and ran my fingers through his hair. "Im okay now, they gave me ten stiches on my ankle and--" before i finished my sentence the doctor walked in and Harry sat down. "Who are you brother? Husband?" the doctor asked. "Boyfriend" Harry corrected him and squeezed my hand, i squeezed it back and i saw him smile but he was still talking to the doctor. "Well, Sarah you were very lucky, the repair was quick and easy but if that shark had bit any harder, he would have punctured a major vein and wripped your akilleys tendon in half, you would have lost a lot more blood and your ankle would be permanetly damaged." the doctor explained. Harry and I just shook are head letting him know we understood. "Well she can go now, she will have to use crutches for a few days just so she doesnt irratate or rip the stitches, but other than that shes good to go." He explained to Harry.

Harry helped me out of the hospital bed and gave me my crutches. He checked me out and we drove home. It was late already. I decided to go take a shower cause its been a long day and i think we all take showers for no reason cause its where we think. At least thats where i think about everything. Harry helped me up the stairs and helped me into the bathroom. He set everything up for me. "Do you need help in there?" He winked, but he was joking. "Yeah actually." I said seriously, he just turned around and looked at me with a serious face. "Really?" he asked quietly. I just shook my head yes. He slowly walked over to me. I kissed him, and it got more intense by the second. He broke the kiss and gave me a seductive look. He slid his hands under my shirt and slowly lifted it over my head. I did the same to him. He had like a freakin 8 pack! Everything about him was perfect. I traced the outlines of his abs, he just kept starring at me. I looked back up at him and he kissed me again. He slowly slid my pants off leaving me in just my bikini top and bottom. Next he untied my top and wiggled my bottoms off, leaving me standing there with nothing on. He just starred at my body "You are so beautiful" I just smiled and kissed him. He started kissing my neck and i let out a small moan and grabbed onto his hair. He slid his pants off and he lifted me up a bit and carried me to the shower. He opened the door and stepped in then gently set me down. The water instantly soaked us both, we just stood there kissing. His hand were gently gliding up and down my back and my hands were tangled in his hair. He was being so gentle with me cause of what happened today. "Its okay Harry, you dont have to be this gentle. Your not gonna break me." I laughed and so did he. He listened to what i said and got a little rougher. We were in the shower for and hour and a half. I just had sex with Harry Styles.

He dried me off and I dried him off. I couldnt stop smiling. He carried me over to the bed and layed me down. Both of us still had no clothes on. He got under the covers too and just cuddled right up next to me. His body was so warm and comfortable, I could stay like this forever. "Goodnight Harry. I love you." He kissed my back since my back was up against him. "I love you too, forever and always." Then we both fell asleep.

I will never forget this night.



Authors note:
I know i said i wasnt going to be doing many of these but im starting to arent i lol! Ill make it quick! I just wanted to say sorry i didnt want to get too in detail when they...ya know...HAD SEX... cause it is kinda awko taco to write if ya know what im saying. Especially if friends or people you know are reading, they will think your weird, which i am but we dont need people thinking im perverted and dreaming of sex (which secretly we all do when it comes to the boys, just saying, gotta break the ice eventually) WELL anyway thanks guys for reading! Ill update soon! Later <3



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