The Tale of Louis Squared

Louis Dawn Tomlinson is a 17 year old girl who moves to Doncaster with her family in order to avoid a stalker. She has serious anger problems and a very short fuse. That paired with her ability to kick box is kinda...well.... Fûcking dangerous! But, when she takes her medicine, she's a very shy, submissive girl.

Louis William Tomlinson is the popular bad boy of the school. He hates it when people don't take him seriously because of his height. He's the leader of a gang that rules the night streets. He had despised Louis (the girl) because she has the same name as him, but can't help but take an interest in her and her submissive nature. He's a very dominant person by nature.

These two seem to care for each other gradually, but they grow a stronger emotion when they find out more about themselves.

With the help of their friends, family, and teachers, read on as Louis Squared learn how to love.

Info: This is not a BDSM story, though actions of spanking, and punishment occur.


7. Wake me up


    I woke up with a sore bottom and swollen eyes. I sniffed and whimpered at the headache that felt like a sumo wrestler used my head as his chair.

    I huddled up to the warmth next to me and sighed in happiness when I found myself falling back asleep, ignoring the vibrating chuckle I felt from the warmth.

    I shot up and looked at the vibrating source of warmth and sighed in relief when I realized it was just Louis.

    He was looking down at me with a smile on his face and I noticed that he was shirtless. He was only in his boxers while I was in my bra and underwear. I blushed like a fire truck.

    He must've taken my shirt off last night.

    "You okay?" Louis asked me.

    He looked at me with concern and my heart lurched at the care I felt.

    I nodded my head and winced when it felt like a sledge hammer just slammed into my head. I whined quietly and shook my head no. I felt like I got hit by a bus.

    Louis snickered next to me and I glared at him before trying to get of the bed. I gasped in pain when my bottom touched the bed. It stung like a salt covered sore.

    Louis looked at me with a guilty look on his face and moved his arms to lay me back down. I lay down and had a mini heart attack when I asks the date. I sighed in relief when Louis told emit was only saturday.

    "Turn over." Louis said to me softly, picking up the soothing cream from last night of the floor.

    I blushed and shook my head no, then hid under the blanket. He sighed and pulled the blanket away but I just whined and pulled harder.

    I shrieked when the blanket was torn from my hand and I was thrown over Louis lap. He glared at me when I tried to pull away and flicked bottom with his fingers. I squealed at the contact to my sensitive sore bottom.

    I relaxed over his lap and accepted the fact that this was happening. He pulled my panties down to my knees and I squirmed over his lap.

    I felt his hands rubbing the crew into my now bare bottom and keened when his fingers worked magic over my sore red skin.

    I keened and whimpered when he began to spread the cream on my slightly bruised thighs. I loved the way he massaged the cream in.

    I laid over his lap enjoying the feeling when I suddenly tensed up and bit my lip to hold back a moan. Louis had moved his hand into my inner thigh and began to make his way up.

    I squirmed and whimpered when his hand came very close to my now wet p*ssy. I let out a loud moan when his fingers began to rub against my folds, parting them and squeezing them.

    Playing with them.

     I moaned louder and my breath hitched when he began to play with my clit. I keened and whimpered and moaned at the feeling.

    It felt so good, and I was so sensitive. 

    I felt like telling hi to stop, but yet I wanted so much more. He suddenly stopped and pulled me down onto the bed.

    I lay on my back in shock as he climbed on top of me. His eyes were blown with lust and his cheeks were red with desire. Im sure mine were too. 

W    "I'm gonna lick your sweet c*nt, and let you ride my face. You can't come until I tell you to, okay?" Louis said kissing down my stomach.

    I was panting and quickly nodded okay. 

    I moaned loudly when I felt his tongue lick me from my ass to my clit. He sighed in frustration and grabbed my legs and literally bent me in half. My legs were up in the air and closed together, giving him a full view. 

    I blushed and whimpered when he nipped at my folds. He prodded his tongue out and licked at my clit on and on and on. He sucked on it until my body was trembling and nibbled it until I was begging to come. 

    He lifted me up and sat me on his face after he layer down on the bed. I looked down and saw him looking at me expectantly before sitting with my pussy on his mouth.

    His tongue shot up into me making my entire body feel as if it was on fire. He kept on shooting his tongue into me, rubbing it against my walls and swirling it around.

    I knew I was close so I started begging for him to et me come. He took his tongue out and latched onto my clit, sucking it to no end before humming a yes on it.

    You ever seen those geysers on school documentaries? Yeah, that and more went through my body as I came hard on Louis' mouth. I came with a shout and ground my p*ssy against his mouth. 

    I came down from my high with Louis staring down at me with lust I his eyes and I realized that we were far from done.



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