The Tale of Louis Squared

Louis Dawn Tomlinson is a 17 year old girl who moves to Doncaster with her family in order to avoid a stalker. She has serious anger problems and a very short fuse. That paired with her ability to kick box is kinda...well.... Fûcking dangerous! But, when she takes her medicine, she's a very shy, submissive girl.

Louis William Tomlinson is the popular bad boy of the school. He hates it when people don't take him seriously because of his height. He's the leader of a gang that rules the night streets. He had despised Louis (the girl) because she has the same name as him, but can't help but take an interest in her and her submissive nature. He's a very dominant person by nature.

These two seem to care for each other gradually, but they grow a stronger emotion when they find out more about themselves.

With the help of their friends, family, and teachers, read on as Louis Squared learn how to love.

Info: This is not a BDSM story, though actions of spanking, and punishment occur.


14. Chapter 14: Crow

My eyes widened. "What happened?" I asked frantically. They came to my side and cooed at me to calm down and began to explain. "She had a slight panic attack and she's in a room down stairs getting oxygen." Angel explained, making me sigh in relief. I turned to Mason and Jason with a smile. "Run down and tell her I'm okay please?" They nodded with a smile and ran out of the room. I turned back to Angel only to see her glaring at Louis who was glaring right back at her. I raise an eyebrow at them both. Dafuq happened here? I nudge Angel who breaks the glare and smiles at me, then leans over and kisses my forehead. "You okay?" she whispers, referring to Louis. I smile and nod. She smiles back and walks out of the room, giving Louis a slight glare before leaving. I hear Louis grumble next to me and giggle looking up at him. He smiled down at me and kissed my forehead. <><><><><> 3 days later... <><><><><> Mason, Jason, Angel, Louis and I were at a motel with my mom. So convenient to be on the first floor too. It turns out the explosion also damaged Louis' house. Mason, Jason and Angel were just here for fun. My mom had gone out on a date with the doctor guy and Philip was having a sleep over. I laughed and giggled as Louis and Angel argued for the third time today. They had a weird relationship. I laughed harder when Jason held Angel back from ripping out, as she calls them, "hideous, deformed blue shitty eyeballs". And this fight, is about who makes my cereal. The doctor ordered for me to stay inactive for a few days because of the seizure, and Louis insisted that I listen. I sighed and looked out the window where a flurry of white snow fell against the grass outside, making it slowly turn into a winter wonderland. Louis sat in the chair next to me and I turn to him with a smile. "WHACK!" I jolt in shock at the sound that comes from the window and Louis jumps up, running out to see what it was, with the rest of us following behind him. I see him frown and cringe at what he sees and the rest of the gang cringe and gag. I step closer and look at what their looking at and gasp. His signature. A dead crow. To be continued...
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