The Tale of Louis Squared

Louis Dawn Tomlinson is a 17 year old girl who moves to Doncaster with her family in order to avoid a stalker. She has serious anger problems and a very short fuse. That paired with her ability to kick box is kinda...well.... Fûcking dangerous! But, when she takes her medicine, she's a very shy, submissive girl.

Louis William Tomlinson is the popular bad boy of the school. He hates it when people don't take him seriously because of his height. He's the leader of a gang that rules the night streets. He had despised Louis (the girl) because she has the same name as him, but can't help but take an interest in her and her submissive nature. He's a very dominant person by nature.

These two seem to care for each other gradually, but they grow a stronger emotion when they find out more about themselves.

With the help of their friends, family, and teachers, read on as Louis Squared learn how to love.

Info: This is not a BDSM story, though actions of spanking, and punishment occur.


4. 10 quid shriek


    I woke up the next morning horny and wet. I sighed and went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. When I was done, I quickly got dressed and ran to the door, not before saying goodbye to my mom and Philip, who was still asleep.


    I had a dream about Louis resulting in my horniness. He was just so fucking hot. I froze when I realized I hadn't taken my medicine and pulled the tablets out of my pocket in a panic. I threw 2 of them into my mouth and swallowed them quickly. I ran to my truck and jumped in, speeding of towards the school.


    I looked at the time and saw how late I was. Stupid traffic and faulty alarm. I looked up and saw that these cars weren't going anywhere anytime soon. I sighed and pulled out of the road and to a cafe a few feet next to me.


    I walked in and bought myself a croissant and coffee. I turned around to walk to my car only to see a cop at my car.


    A cop placing a TICKET on my car.


    I ran out and walked up to him demanding to know why he was placing one on my car. 


    "Can't you read?" he asked me incredulously.


    I glared as his rudeness and answered him yes, I could read.


    "What does that sign say?" he asked me peeved off, pointing at a sign next to my car.


    I looked at the sign and frowned deeply, irritated beyond belief. The sign was covered in graffiti making it impossible for me to see the words hidden under it. I glared at the police officer who was staring at me expectingly.


    "That sign is unreadable, or do you not see the fûcking graffiti on it?" I heard a voice behind me hiss at the cop. 


   He looked at who said it and his eyes widened. He quickly apologized and ran to his car, taking my ticket with him. I turned around to see Louis staring at me with a raised eyebrow. I stared at him expecting him to say something. Finally, he just rolled his eyes.


    "Thanks Louis, you're so awesome for saving me from that cop," he mimicked me in a high voice like a girl.


    "I do not talk like that," I said to him, glaring playfully.


    "Sure, if you say so." he replied sarcastically.


    I turned to walk away but was grabbed and spun around by louis, who kissed my nose and pulled me towards my car. I was blushing like mad and followed him into the car.


    He steered me towards the passenger seat and sat me there, as I stared at him questioningly.


    "Why the bloody hell, am I on this side of the seat?" I asked him as he sat in the driver seat and started  the car.


    "We, my dearest Lou, are bunking off today." He replied with a smirk in my direction.


    I didn't even bother arguing cause I knew it would do me no good so I just sighed and leaned back. The road had cleared up now and it was free of traffic.


    I glanced at louis and caught him looking at me. I stared at his beautiful blue eyes and lowered my eyes to his pink plump lips. His tongue darted out and licked at them making them look so inviting. I bit my lip in an attempt to stop myself from jumping his bones. He stared at my lip and began to lean in.


    5 centimeters...


    4 centimeters....


    He looked into my eyes for confirmation and I nodded, he approached.


    3 centimeters...


    2 centimeters...


    He licked his lip once again, as I did mine.


    1 centimeter....


    He was literally a nose hair away. A fùcking nose hair away!


    When a car behind us decides to honk like a bogging goose during mating season. I felt my body sizzle in anger and realized my medicine had just started kicking in.


    I darted away from Louis and sat in my chair, flustered and red, while he squeezed his eyes shut, probably to stop himself fro killing the idiot who was still honking. Louis drove the car out of his way and started us down a road .


    It was awkwardly quiet and the tension was thick enough to slice with a knife.


  "Wanna bet 10 quid I could make you scream?" Louis asked me suddenly.


    I looked at him incredulously and replied. "I bet you couldn't." 


    He smirked deviously before stepping his foot on the gas pedal, sending us speeding along the empty highway, and me screaming bloody murder.





I hope you guys enjoyed this update. I haven't been so well, so i took a few days off. Its not as long as i want, but its pretty long. I hope you like it.








  Love, Sully

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