The Letters of the Forgotten

A 14 year old girl experiences life changing events that will leave her so to speak stranded. She feels no one understands and she plans to leave everything and everyone. She starts some bad habits that she will regret in future events. To find out more read this novel.


1. From the beginning

   "911 how may i help you" a lady said in a calm voice. "I did something really stupid" i said gasping for air. "Is any one hurt" the lady said.  I struggled to respond the truth is I didn't know what i say. As i told her i did something really stupid and to think the day began as one of the best days i have ever had. "Love you and have a good day sweetheart" my mom told me as i walked out the door to go to the bus stop. I ignored her as i do everyday. I walked by myself till i got to Mia's house  and i waited for her to walk out the door. She walked outside had her books in one hand and her i-pod in the other. She saw me and put the i-pod away and said "wow your here today." At that time i was about done with everything so i didn't bother to school. "Yeah my mom didn't let me stay home today." She looked at me and said "you really should be going to school. Don't let them assholes bring you down. Your beautiful, intelligent, skinny, and not to mention a great friend." I looked down at the ground and said "Thanks." We continued walking till we got to the block where we met Lily. We waited there for maybe 2 mins. When we started walking the rest of the way down we heard her screaming from the bottom of her hill " MIA ASH WAIT." We waited as she rushed towards us. When she got to us she was out of breath "thanks for waiting i appreciate it." Mia and I both said "no problem" simultaneously. We all giggled and then the bus started pulling in to the stop Lily then said "not again and we all rushed to the bus. Me and Lily got to the bus first. The bus driver told us we were late we told him that "It won't happen again" I sat in my seat. Then Mia walked on the bus the bus driver said the same thing he said to us your late. And Mia being the smart ass she is told him "really i didn't notice at all. Actually you are a minute early so i am not late." The bus driver then sighed and told her "go sit in your seat. She walked back to seat 15 where i sat. She pulled her i-pod out of her one pocket and her earbuds out the other pocket. We then began listening to Three Days Grace i LOVE there music. Its the only thing that can calm me down. We listened to maybe three songs then we pulled into the school parking lot. I pulled the earbud out Mia looked at her i-pod and said "we still have 10 minutes." I looked at her and said "I know." She put the earbud I was using in and then looked out the window. I sat there for 9 minutes thinking on what i would do with them assholes at school. The last minute i spent slowly jumping seats to the front of the bus. On seat 4 the bell rang and i just ran out the bus doors. I waited for another one of my friends at the middle school doors. When she pasted me she poked my side and then said "Ash." I looked at her and then "Alex" bursted out of my mouth with a loud squeak. Someone from behind me grabbed my sides and hid behind a group of people i looked all around all i saw was people i didn't like all that much. So i knew they wouldn't do  it. I ignored it and pretended it never happened. I caught up with Alex. We began a conversation on how much homework i missed and how eachother have been. Then we went separate paths. Someone then came up behind me and grabbed my sides i then quickly turned around and realized it was Hunter. Who  grabbed my sides when i entered the school and now. I glared at him and flipped him off. Then i entered my homeroom who was the 7th grade reading teacher. I was greeted by several people staring at me and whispering that was clearly about me. Then my homeroom teacher came up to me and asked me If i was okay. I've of coursed told her yeah i was fine. I then sat in my corner and read my book. I had a few people come up to me and ask me if i was okay. Apparently i found out i was in a car accident. Hmm yeah i totally in a car accident. Well after like five minutes into homeroom i got called to the office. I waited till the bell rang for my first class before i told them that i have to go to gym. That was one of the only classes i enjoyed. I left the office and walked to the gymnasium. I came on a good day because we were having a free day. For the first half i played dodge ball the second half I played kickball. I loved gym i got to hit the people i don't like with a ball. After gym my day went terrible from there i failed my pop quiz for science, i ran into the group of assholes that have been bullying me since the beginning of the year, and to add it all together i failed my project that spent several hours on. I could not wait to go home. I sat on the bus wondering what the point of life was. I mean we live just to die. I got off the bus to just to get in a fight with one of my best friends. "Ash you are so retarded you NEED to at least to attempt your school work" Mia scolded at me. "Mia i am trying i can't concentrate in school you know what i am going through. Thats all i think about. Fine i will admit it i am EXTREMELY paranoid. Somedays I don't know whether i want to just stay at school or stay home." She then walked away from me saying you not the only one with problems. I screamed on the top of my lungs "I KNOW." I then ran home so i could bury my head in a pillow and cry my self to sleep. A few hours later after i was calmed down I messaged Mia telling her i was really sorry and how i was being selfish. She then messaged me saying I know you are selfish and you need to realize no one cares about your life problems. I then messaged her saying if no one cares. Why did you act as if you cared. She then messaged me saying I acted like i cared cause i thought u were nice and..... and truthfully i didn't want u committing suicide but know i realize how much of a bitch u are for all i care u can go and kill your self. You are the reason my arms are bleeding i never want to see you again. So do everyone a favor and go kill yourself you emo whore. At that moment i didn't know what to do whether i should follow her advise and kill myself or just let it go like i do with everything else. At that moment i ran to my room and sat in  my bed thinking about what she had said. I then saw flashing stars and everything went black.

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