The Letters of the Forgotten

A 14 year old girl experiences life changing events that will leave her so to speak stranded. She feels no one understands and she plans to leave everything and everyone. She starts some bad habits that she will regret in future events. To find out more read this novel.


2. After the blackout

  I awoke with a feeling that something was strangling me. I then put my hands around my neck to find something tied around it. I followed it to find it was hung on the top of my door. I untied it and i had trouble breathing i then thought to myself. What if this occurs again and i don't awake i then dialed 911 on myself. I waited for someone to pick up. A woman in a calm voice said "911 how may i help you" I then said "I did something really stupid." She then asked me if "anyone is injured." I didn't know what to say i sat there on my floor. Until her voice guided me out of my daze. I then told that i just attempted to commit suicide. She asked me if i was okay and if there was someone in the house with me and if she could talk to me. I handed the phone to my mom. My mom began to tear  up and say okay i will watch her. She handed the phone to me and said she was going to transfer my number to a suicide hotline and that she was going to send a ambulance to pick me up. I sat an talked to the suicide hotline for maybe 15 minutes until the ambulance arrives. I was then taken into a the ambulance truck where i had my blood taken and they filled out a sheet for the hospital. I fell asleep after they took my blood they  occasionally  woke me up to ask me questions. When we arrived to the hospital i was forced to change into hospital clothes to make sure i didn't have any weapons on me to injure myself.

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