My dad is who?!?

I woke up one day not knowing where I was. I looked outside and saw my twin Rebekah standing on the grass. I walked out and had a chat with her and found out I was at some place called Camp Half-Blood but I haven't been claimed yet. At the camp fire a trident appears over mine and Rebekah's head and a boy who looks just like Rebekah walks up to us and says, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson, your brother."



Hey guys and gals! Remember that contest back in chapter 1.


~8 chapters ago~

Hey guys! I hope you like the story so far! And... CONTEST. If you want to be Rebekah's or Marie's put all this info in the comments.

~~~~End Of Flashback~~~~

Yeah, that one. I have personally gone through and looked at the 2 entries. Both were so awesome I choose both. And the winners are....

Drum Roll Please....

Becca Tigra-West with her character,Becca Filliant daughter of Aphrodite.


FallenAngel2014 with her character,Zoey MockingBird daughter of Ares.

Thankyou so much for commenting info on your character and both will be in chapter 9.

~Rebekah~ ~Jayde~

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